Friday, August 7, 2015

Drunk-on-power Obama's quagmire in Syria ...

is sinking him along with the waltzing walruses, the PMs of Canada and UK, deeper into the tangled mess of total failure.  And, why is that?  The answer is simple.  The Anglo powers just don't have the will  to kill their prized creation (Al Qaeda/ISIS/IS/etc).  

Jihad John has been lifted to a safe haven,  somewhere in the UK or maybe even somewhere in the USA or Canada ... I  for one, have never believed and never will,  the story about that killer being approached by UK intelligence and declining to join the agency.  I suspect he is/was an agent working for either the UK or the USA or both.  If things get too complicated, "jihad john" will meet a sticky end which will be blamed on "jealous" jihadis vying for the  kind of infamy he achieved for himself.

Don't ever believe anything that our MSM  puts out for our consumption.  We should read the MSM's reporting as made up fairy tales and draw our own conclusions which oft times should be the exact opposite of what the media wants us to believe.

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