Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trying to explain the Donald Trump phenomenon

If you had watched him yesterday in the interview with CNN's Cuomo, you would have noticed that the man is turning lightening quick into another typical politician. He's become deft at avoiding highly charged politically incorrect issues head on like he had  a few days ago and his sucking up to the host was vomit-inducing.

I very much think Hillary will come out the winner no matter which way the wind blows from now till election day.

From ConsortiumNews:
  Explaining the Trump Phenomenon 
August 17, 2015

Since the days of Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” the Republican Party has played to the grievances of angry white men (and some women), in effect creating a ready audience for a hot-headed and quick-witted showman like Donald Trump, a classic case of reaping what is sown, as Lawrence Davidson explains.

By Lawrence Davidson
It is really not too hard to figure out Donald Trump. The man is having fun.

What we have witnessed so far is a demonstration of how a billionaire megalomaniac and narcissist has fun: having secured a national stage, he runs around and says whatever he pleases, even if it is blatantly obnoxious. If he gets positive feedback, he does it all the louder. If he gets negative feedback, he turns into a bully, which he also sees as fun.

If his alliance with Fox “News” doesn’t work out, maybe he will buy his own network. If the Republican Party spurns him, he will no doubt start his own political party. He can afford it and, again, it’s a lot of fun. By the way, while Trump is having fun many of the rest of us don’t find him funny at all. Indeed, it’s a serious question whether Mr. Trump’s good time will, in the end, encourage him to become a dangerous demagogue.......

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