Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dr Ron Paul on the Iran Nuclear deal and the differences of opinion

Does the rest of the world really care two hoots what America or Americans think of the Nuclear deal now that the deal is over and done with ?   Let the Americans keep talking or  try to undo and even manage to undo the whole thing.  The rest of the world has moved on and most of the EU and Asia have already started signing huge contracts with Iran which are not going to be rescinded just because crazy bully  USA says it has changed its mind.  How much longer does the world have to tolerate the audacity of America!!

From RonPaulInstituteForPeace&Prosperity
Rabbis For Iran Deal   - Is Schumer Wrong?
Recently 340 US rabbis -- from the full spectrum of US Judaism -- signed a letter to Congress urging approval of the Iran deal. As AIPAC spends millions lobbying against the deal, perhaps the US Jewish community is not as unified as the neocons would like us to believe. Today's Ron Paul Liberty Report discusses support for the deal:

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