Saturday, August 8, 2015


Someone please pick me up from the floor where I have collapsed in a fit of uncontrolled hilarity. 

Never an end to Obama's blunders while dangling on a string obeying the neo-cons to sure and certain doom in the Middle East.
How many of the neo-con gangsters have made untold $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$s in the last few years? I am betting each and every last one of them.
Follow the money to understand why the USA's 1%  is "excited" about wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and parts of Africa.
  Blood and gore makes their day.... the more there is, the more money they make.

From ABCNews
Many US-Trained Rebels  Fighting ISIS in Syria Unaccounted For
Many of the Syrian rebels trained by the United States to fight ISIS are unaccounted for in the northern part of the country and some have been found in Turkey, a U.S. official said Thursday.

News about the uncertainty of their whereabouts came a week after the rebels were attacked by 50 fighters from the rival al-Nusra Front, a rebel group affiliated with al Qaeda. At least one of the U.S.-trained rebels was killed and others were wounded before the attack was repelled by U.S. airstrikes. .......

From GuardianUK
  US-trained Syrian rebels  refuse to fight ​al-Qaida group after kidnappings

Division 30, which has endured a campaign of kidnappings by the Nusra Front, also opposes American air strikes carried out against al-Qaida-linked fighters

A group of Syrian rebels that includes fighters trained by the United States have declared their refusal to fight al-Qaida’s affiliate in the country, the Nusra Front, following a series of kidnappings by the militant group.

 A source in Division 30, which has endured a campaign of kidnappings by the Nusra Front, said they also oppose the American air strikes carried out in the last few days against the al-Qaida-linked fighters.

The statements complicate the American strategy in Syria, which has suffered a string of setbacks and delays, deploying just over 50 fighters dedicated to fighting the terror group Islamic State in the year since its programme to train and equip rebels began. ........

From MintPress
The US Spends $4M To Train One Syrian Rebel:
What Else Could That Buy?
The U.S. government continues to spend billions funding foreign wars and destabilizing the Middle East while America struggles to make ends meet domestically. 

A U.S. government official recently revealed the shocking ineffectiveness of millions spent on U.S. plans to train Syrian rebels, while in the United States inequality worsens, national infrastructure crumbles, major cities like Detroit suffer from economic collapse, and student debt and inequality continue to careen out of control.

Last year, the U.S. budgeted $500 million to train Syrian rebels opposed to the rise of so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Officials hoped the money would train thousands of new fighters in an ongoing civil war that’s already devastated the civilian population. Austin Wright, writing in a report published by Politico last weekend, quoted an anonymous congressional aide on the progress of the program: “About half of the $500 million has been obligated thus far, mostly on equipment required to train the Syrian fighters.” According to the same aid, approximately 60 fighters have been trained to date — a figure that falls far short of the program’s goals.

“How much has the United States spent to train that whopping force of 60 Syrian rebels to take on the Islamic State?” asked Wright. “Well, according to basic math, about $4 million for each of them.”

The millions in aid to Syrian rebels are just a small portion of the billions the U.S. government spends on military aid to foreign governments every year while making deeper cuts to social safety nets back home.

For example, the U.S. expanded its aid to Saudi Arabia in March, and those funds are being used to support human rights abuses both inside the country and in a months-long bombing campaign that’s caused a humanitarian crisis in Yemen. And the U.S. will spend about $3.1 billion on Israel this year to support the country’s illegal occupation of Palestine and war crimes like deliberately targeting civilians............

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