Sunday, August 30, 2015

Foreign Policy Walmart of the warmongering Republican candidates

How come the Jewish Americans who seem to be the go-to experts that the neocons are depending on for advise on foreign policy, are so very war-loving?  Have you noticed how most of the advisors to these Republican candidates are from the Jewish-American community?  Is the Jewish community prone to getting their kicks from blood and gore?   How does  a people whose family members suffered so much in Germany and thereabouts, be eager and willing to doom others to death and destruction?  IMO, something is very wrong with these followers of maniac Nethanyahu. 

Daniel McAdams writing at RonPaulInstitute:
The Neocon Foreign Policy Walmart  
One of the most depressing things about watching -- even from a distance -- the quadrennial race for the White House is seeing what passes for debate on the one area where the president does have some Constitutional authority: foreign policy.

Candidates who have spent little or no time studying or traveling to the rest of the world, and, in the fashion of many Americans in the age of Empire, see the rest of the world as just a series of US colonial outposts, apparently consider foreign policy unworthy of serious consideration.

So little do Republican candidates care about foreign policy that most of them have "outsourced" their foreign policy to a single neocon-dominated foreign policy shop called the "John Hay Initiative."  If you wonder why most Republican candidates sound exactly the same on foreign policy, it's because they are nearly all getting their advice from the same people.

When nearly all candidates look to someone like Eliot Cohen, a founding member of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), to provide an off-the-shelf foreign policy, it should be no surprise that the "debate" in the Republican party is only over which country to attack first.

Any candidate who thinks so little about something so important as America's place in the world should be automatically disqualified.

But the neocons love it! The "experts" who brought us the 2003 Iraq war and the Libya "liberation" are still in the driver's seat when it comes to foreign policy.

"Jeb!" has John Hay Initiative members Michael Chertoff and Michael Hayden (remember those crooks?) on board as his advisors.

Marco Rubio reportedly draws from Hay Project member Roger Zakheim, the son of GW Bush administration "vulcan," Dov Zakheim. Zakheim père, we remember, joined with his fellow neocons to lie the US into war with Iraq, enriching the military-industrial complex, before absconding ..........

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