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World War 3 news and updates ... March 1

Some of the countries in it, either in major or minor roles:
USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran, India, South Korea, North Korea,  Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, The Philippines, Egypt,  Albania, Serbia, China, Sudan, South Sudan, Bukina Faso, Palestine, Georgia, Chad, Spain, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Nepal, Congo, Uganda, Romania, Mexico, Gambia, Haiti, Cameroon, Chad, Algeria, Venezuela, Thailand, Argentina ....

From DailyBeast
Main U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Disbanding,  Joining Islamists
One of the last moderate Syrian rebel groups trusted by Washington is waving the white flag—and picking up the Islamists’ black one.
The Syrian rebel group Harakat al-Hazm, one of the White House’s most trusted militias fighting President Bashar al Assad, appeared to be collapsing Sunday, with activists posting a statement online from frontline commanders saying they are disbanding their units and folding them into brigades aligned with a larger Islamist insurgent alliance distrusted by Washington.
The statement bore Hazm’s stamp and logo, and according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a pro-opposition monitoring group, the brigade’s fighting units are disbanding. Emails and phone calls to Hazm’s political leaders were not returned......

Ukraine's economy in the toilet thanks to the organizers of the coup.

From ChinaOrg
3 killed in suicide attack   on NATO vehicles in Kabul
Three people were killed and another wounded after a suicide car bombing targeted NATO-led forces' vehicles in Afghan capital of Kabul on Thursday, sources said.
The casualties included one Turkish service member of the NATO- led Resolute Support (RS) forces, an Afghan civilian and the attacker, the Afghan government confirmed, adding one Turkish soldier sustained injuries in the attack.
The attack occurred in the morning, after the bomber rammed his car bomb into a two-vehicle convoy of RS forces near the Iranian embassy in Wazir Akbar Khan, a diplomatic district in central Kabul.
Unofficial sources said the likely target of the attack was the vehicle of NATO Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan Ismail Aramaz, a Turkish diplomat, who escaped the blast.....

And, in the NATO-created "democratic" Utopia of Afghanistan, kids frolic around in opium fields as little slaves to the drug trade.  Bet they pray to their allah for the well-being of America... who wouldn't given such a rich satisfying and enriched life?

From Tass
Lugansk official: Aidar military detained as they take weapons from Donbass to Kiev
KIEV, March 1. /TASS/. Some military of Ukraine’s Aidar territorial battalion, which participates actively in the punitive mission in Donbass, are involeved in criminal activities, including extortion and arms trafficking, head of the Lugansk regional administration Gennady Moskal said on Sunday.
"A part of that battalion has deserted from Aidar, begun illegal activities of looting, robbery, racketeering, theft of vehicles and other crimes in the towns and villages controlled by the Ukrainian military," the official’s website reads.
He also said about an attempt of taking from the zone of the force mission in Donbass to Kiev of an arsenal, which, he said, was supposed to be used in Kiev "to destabilise the situation" there.
"Several days earlier, the Lugansk regional police stopped a criminal group, led by Aidar military called Filat. The criminals were fighting for an hour against the police and used automated guns."
As the police detained the military and searched the places where they lived, they confiscated over 6,000 bullets, five boxes with grenades, 15 mines, two boxes with with TNT blocks, twelve grenade launchers and several Kalashnikovs............

From Reuters
  U.S.-led coalition launches air strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq, Syria
 A U.S.-led coalition launched seven air strikes in Iraq and two in Syria since early Saturday against Islamic State militants, the Combined Joint Task Force said on Sunday.
The military statement said two air strikes involving U.S. drones in Syria near Al Hasakah struck an Islamic State tactical unit and destroyed two vehicles. In Iraq, the U.S.-led coalition used warplanes and drones to strike near Al Asad, Al Qaim, Kirkuk and Mosul, destroying Islamic State tactical units, boats, a storage facility, buildings and other targets, according to the statement......

From WSJ
U.N. Warns Arms Bound for Libya Pose Terror Risk
Report says foreign governments’ transfers to warring factions could wind up with Islamist radicals
Foreign governments that send fresh military supplies to Libya’s warring factions risk increasing arms flows to regional terror groups, a United Nations report warned.

“Current transfers to Libya are probably contributing to further onward proliferation of materiel,” the report released this weekend said. Such proliferation presents “a significant security challenge for other countries in the region, particularly from a terrorism perspective,” it added.

Libya Dawn, a coalition of Islamist militias that has taken over Tripoli and much of the rest of western Libya, has been fighting troops commanded by secular general Khalifa Haftar. Those troops have the support of an internationally recognized government based in the east.

Both sides are jockeying for the country’s vast oil reserves—Africa’s largest—while trying to present themselves to the West and regional governments as opponents of Libya’s Islamic State franchise...........

The 3-year uprising that the Anglo nations' media is doing its best to keep under wraps and away from the eyes of the general public in the West  because the royal family of UK along with the USA  are in  bed with the Bahraini dictators.

From Breitbart
The Italian Navy is resuming exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, including near the coast of Libya, amid concerns about rapidly deteriorating security in the North African nation.
The exercise will begin on Monday. It includes anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and anti-ship training operations.
The exercise was suspended for a year because of the heavy deployment of Italian Coast Guard, Navy and other Italian vessels during intensive rescue and surveillance operations to combat migrant smuggling from Libyan shores. That mission was stopped when a European Union maritime operation recently started anti-smuggling patrols.....

From IBT
UAE denies reports of arms supply to Ukraine.   The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has denied reports suggesting the Gulf state will supply arms to Ukrainian forces as part of a defence deal.

Though the two sides have signed a contract, it does not cover weapons supply, a UAE official said.
"An agreement on cooperation in defence technologies the UAE and Ukraine signed recently does not stipulate any contracts for deliveries of weaponry to the Ukrainian side," Faraj Faris al-Mazrouei, a senior aide to UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan, told local news outlet Emarat al-Yawm.

With the West reluctant to supply weapons to Ukraine, officials had earlier said they would purchase arms from elsewhere to bolster the country's defensive capabilities.....

East Ukraine's town of Debaltseve

From SightMag
Syria: Nineteen Assyrians released  but hundreds remain captive
Nineteen Assyrians that were captured from the Syrian village of Tel Goran, have been released by Islamic State, also known as ISIS, and have arrived safely at St. Mary's Church in Hasaka, Syria.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency, negotiations for their release had been ongoing for three days and were mediated by local Arab tribal leaders.
Of the 19 that were released, 17 were women and 2 were men, said a spokesperson for AINA. “But not all who were captured from Tel Goran were released. One of the hostages, an elderly woman, said that ISIS did not release her son and two other men who were guarding the village.
“ISIS also refused to release a six-year-old girl. According to reports from the released hostages, Islamic State (ISIS) said it plans to use the girl as a bargaining chip. The girl's mother was released but would not leave her daughter behind and stayed with her.”

The spokesman told the ASSIST News Service, “The hostages looked tired and disheveled but were otherwise unharmed.”
According to AINA, the number of Assyrians captured by Islamic State is between 262 and 373. With the release of this group of 19, the number still being held by this terror group remains in the hundreds. ...........

Iraq's rich history is being erased by madmen in the pay of Saudi Arabia and other interested parties.

From NYTimes
Rebels Accuse Saudis of Fueling Unrest   to Divide Yemen
The leader of the Houthi rebel group here, in an unusually combative speech Thursday that reflected frustration by the rebel movement at its deepening isolation, accused Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s powerful neighbor, of financing armed opponents and trying to divide the country.

The Houthis control the capital, Sana, in northern Yemen, and much of the nation’s military. Yet their authority faces a sharp challenge from Yemen’s former president, Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who fled to the southern city of Aden on Saturday and, with the backing of Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf monarchies, declared that he was still the country’s legitimate leader..........

From IndexOnCensorship
Safa Al Ahmad is a Saudi journalist   and documentary maker who has spent the last three years covertly filming an unreported mass uprising in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province.
Her 30-minute documentary, Saudi’s Secret Uprising, was broadcast by the BBC in May 2014, and has drawn widespread attention to the violent and bloody protests.
Al Ahmad took enormous risks in her regular filming trips to the Eastern Province. First, as a woman travelling alone, she drew the attention of Saudi officials, who operate in a country in which women have limited control over their day-to-day lives. Second, she carried a camera full of footage of dissenting activists. Saudi Arabia is ranked by Freedom House as one of the most restrictive Arab countries in terms of free expression – Al Ahmad would almost certainly have faced severe punishment if caught filming..........

From Bloomberg
Iran Builds Ties With Yemen’s Houthis as GCC Moves Embassies
 Yemen’s Shiite Muslim Houthi group is boosting ties with Iran shortly after Sunni Gulf Arab monarchies moved their embassies to a southern port city to back the government of President Abdurabuh Mansour Hadi.

An Iranian flight carrying medical supplies arrived in Sana’a, the capital controlled by the Houthi movement, on Sunday, a day after the two countries signed an aviation agreement, al-Masirah television reported. Saleh al-Sammad, an official with the group, is leading a delegation to Tehran to discuss political and economic cooperation, the Saba news agency reported on Sunday.
Yemen is emerging as the latest ground for a proxy confrontation between Saudi Arabia, the world’s top oil exporter that backs Hadi, and Shiite Iran, where officials have expressed support for the Houthi group. The two countries are on opposite ends of the civil war in Syria, with Saudi Arabia backing the mainly Sunni rebels against President Bashar al-Assad, who has Iranian support.........

Canada trying to get away from blame?  We assisted in getting rid of Gadhafi, didn't we?  Our all-knowing Foreign Affairs Minister and his boss the Prime Minister ... both warmongers, were rooting for war and getting rid of Gadhafi was of paramount importance to these US lackeys and now it looks like these two actually ignored the advice of our military bigwigs and insisted on going headlong into Libya.
From OttawaCitizen
Canadian military intelligence officers predicted in 2011 that Libya could descend into a lengthy civil war if foreign countries provided assistance to rebels opposing the country’s dictator Moammar Gadhafi, according to documents obtained by the Citizen.

The warning, made just days before several countries, including Canada, began their March 2011 bombing campaign against Gadhafi’s regime, has unfolded as predicted.

Libya has descended into chaos as rival tribes and militias continue to battle each other for control of the country.
Last week, Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Dayri warned that warring factions were pushing his country into a full-scale civil war. Italy has also raised concerns that Islamic extremists who now occupy parts of the country pose a threat to the region and Europe.

The Canadian government and military played key roles in overthrowing Gadhafi and highlighted those efforts as a significant victory both for Libya and Canadians.

At the time, then-foreign affairs minister John Baird reinforced Canada’s support for the rebel groups fighting Gadhafi, pointing out they had a well-developed plan that would transform the country into a democracy. “The one thing we can say categorically is that they couldn’t be any worse than Col. Gadhafi,” said Baird......

The US and US banksters failed to start a revolution in Argentina ... this time round.  Let's give them some more time to regroup and rearm.

From Reuters
Libya's PM says Turkey supplying weapons to rival Tripoli group
Libya's internationally recognised Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni said his government would stop dealing with Turkey as it was sending weapons to a rival group in Tripoli so "the Libyan people kill each other", ramping up his rhetoric against Ankara.
Two administrations, one in the capital and Thinni's in the east, have been vying for power since an armed group called Libya Dawn seized Tripoli in July and reinstated lawmakers from a previous assembly, four years after Muammar Gaddafi's ousting........

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