Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I dislike dishonesty

Larry Miller why, why, why did you apologize for stating the truth?  One should always stick by one's convictions even if it means the world will turn against you but that's not going to stop you being proud of yourself. So what's important to you ... what others think of you or what you think of yourself?  You said what probably 80% of Canadians think but only 10% have the courage to voice.  Truth when spoken aloud is at times inflammatory, but only to those who pretend to be saints. You had the courage to speak the truth and then you lost it.  **sigh**

While glancing at the comments to the CBC article below, I came across this link from a Pakistani "21st Century Woman" .... see what she says about the veil.

Larry Miller, Conservative MP, recants inflammatory niqab-ban comment
'This sentiment is not an aberration among the Conservatives,' NDP critic says
A veteran backbench Conservative MP has apologized for telling Muslim women who want to wear the niqab while taking the citizenship oath to "stay the hell where you came from."

In a statement issued Tuesday morning, Bruce–Grey–Owen Sound MP Larry Miller said that he stands by his views that those who wish to be sworn in as citizens should uncover their face.

"However, I apologize for and retract my comments that went beyond this," he said.

According to a post on the Broadbent Institute-affiliated blog Press Progress, Miller — who was once described by National Post columnist John Ivison as "the voice in [Prime Minister Stephen] Harper's ear" — made the comments during an open-line talk show on local radio station CFOS on Monday...........

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