Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hon. Rob Nicholson, you are wrong. "Moral Clarity" would have been if you had raised your voice when a genocide was going on in Gaza courtesy your friends in Israel

We have no business interfering in Iraq or Syria.  It is the USA's problem which the USA has brought about due to their Israel-lead foreign policies.  Let Canada's bosom pals like Saudi Arabia, UAE and the rest of the Sunni nations along with Israel ... handle the situation there.  Everybody and even their dead uncles know that Canada venturing into conflicts in the Middle East has nothing to do with "moral clarity"  ...  as if the governments of the West cry their eyes out for the unfortunate folks in those regions. 

Nicholson lies about "moral clarity" when heart of hearts he knows just like everybody else, that going into the Middle East conflicts have nothing to do with morality concerns but everything to do with geopolitical changes and most of those reasons are to do with USA and Israel.   
When politicians tell these bold-faced lies, their credibility and the credibility of their party, goes down several notches.  

Kim Mackrael writing at Globe&Mail
Iraq mission a matter of ‘moral clarity’   for Canada, Foreign Affairs Minister says
Extending Canada’s military mission in Iraq is a matter of “moral clarity” that all political parties should support, Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson says. In a carefully crafted speech to foreign diplomats on Thursday, Mr. Nicholson‎ set out the Conservative government’s case for boosting Canada’s role in the U.S.-led coalition. He argued that Islamic State extremists present a danger to the region and a direct threat to Canada and its allies that could grow quickly if it’s left unchecked.

Mr. Nicholson’s comments lay the groundwork for the government’s proposal to the House of Commons next week, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper will ask MPs to support a plan to expand and extend the current six-month mission. The pre-emptive speech, aimed at about 50 foreign diplomats and delivered before a group of journalists, sought to place pressure on federal opposition parties, who have questioned the scope of Canada’s involvement.

It was the latest salvo in an extended campaign that saw federal ministers hint repeatedly at plans to renew the military commitment. Mr. Harper said Wednesday that he would seek approval for the extension, a revelation that came in the middle of a break week on Parliament Hill, at a time when many MPs had returned to their ridings........

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