Monday, March 30, 2015

What's the commonality between contemporary dance and modern art? They both suck

When you can't paint for nuts and an elephant can draw better than you, then the genuis manipulator that you are, along with support from other manipulating "artists" in the business of selling "art works" to fools and snobs, had to come up with a brillant idea to fool the snobs.... let's hear your applause for "modern art" that looks like a soiled diaper pressed unto a canvas. The vid below is a perfect example of how snobs and fools can be exposed for the idiots that they actually are to believe that long lines, short lines, dots, circles, squares, zig-zags and wriggly worms in different colors is something that actually talks to you about feelings and more additional shit.

And, just like how the manipulating "modern art" con masters  and those who sell their works to you at "art galleries" opened with laundered money, so also you will find  people with two left feet who can't dance for nuts but can flay their arms about and jump around without a skipping rope and yet manage to make you believe that they are the greatest "contemporary dancers" by flayed about their arms and jumping around like dying grasshoppers . 

Our wonderful world of dumbed-down people and make believe continues to continue.  But for how long, that is the question.

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