Friday, March 20, 2015

What happens when a peacekeeping country like Canada has a warmonger take over her reins?

What happens is, we lose the lovely blanket of neutrality we used to have.  Moreover, when the leader of our country can stand by the despicable butcher of Gaza in the slaughtering of  innocent children and their parents ..... it is truly a vomit-inducing moment. The butcher and his party term such almost yearly destruction of life and property as "mowing the lawn"  and to see Canada's entire government, including the Libs AND the NDP standing by Israel in a genocide of the innocent is beyond the pale. Sadly, Canada has lost its moral standing in the world and nothing can ever bring it back.
Brian Stewart writing at CBC:
From Afghanistan to Iraq, the perils of overconfidence Canada was way too ambitious when it came to Afghanistan, and we paid a price for it

The first time I visited one of the Canada's big aid projects in Afghanistan I was assured I would see plenty of local gratitude as students at a school we supported were expected to give us a warm welcome.

Well, warm it was — a shower of rocks and ridicule from the boys at the all grades school in Kandahar.

Actually, I would have found the whole scene quite funny had it not been for the obvious embarrassment and rage of the soldiers escorting us as we ducked the incoming rocks, all caught on camera.

This was hardly what our soldiers had come to this war-ravaged country to fight for, and I had the real feeling Canada's much vaunted development mission in Afghanistan wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

As Ottawa gets set to expand our military mission against ISIS in Iraq — likely with the promise of some aid development to follow — it's probably worth considering such past interventions, particularly given the audit just out on how our Afghan aid really fared.

The internal government audit of what has been the largest aid program in Canadian history concluded the $2.2 billion we spent yielded very mixed results, many of them disappointing in the extreme..........

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