Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tim Hudak ... the guy who gave away the premiership of Ontario ... again too late to the party

The man has just shaken himself awake from his Rip van Winkle state of delusional bliss regarding the horror going on in Caledonia.   What a total idiot ... with a capital "I".

Yes ... Ontario desparately needs a true and tested new leader  but  Tim Hudak is not him.  He is a gutless, spineless, politically correct gooey mess of nothing.  If this rickety excuse for  a man had opened his mouth about Caledonia during the Ontario premiership election, we would have had a Conservative govt. in Ontario today.   So .... kindly shut the fuck up  Mr.Hudak. 

....CALEDONIA – Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak today visited Caledonia to meet with local residents who have been directly affected by the occupation for the last six years.

“Dalton McGuinty must acknowledge the injustices taking place and seek a solution that ensures the rule of law is enforced,” Hudak said. “Failing to do so will continue to harm families and businesses in Caledonia,” Hudak added.

What has been allowed to happen in Caledonia is wrong. We’re six years in a hole on this and Dalton McGuinty has refused to admit that there is an illegal occupation taking place on his watch, Hudak commented.

“We need leadership from the Premier and his ministers that says we actually believe the law in Ontario should be equally enforced for all residents of Ontario.”.....

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