Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama kills dead the Keystone pipeline

He lobbied like a pimp that he is for the vetoes.  11 Dems ignored his calls but the project is dead for now. It's truly a bizzaro world down there in the USA when a Prez intentionally destroys the prospect to creates 1000s of jobs for his people. Unbelieveable !!!!

The Senate has rejected a GOP plan to approve construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline after President Obama made personal calls to Democrats urging them to oppose it.

The 56-42 vote staves off an election-year rebuke of Obama, but will give political ammunition to backers of TransCanada Corp.’s plan to build a pipeline connecting Alberta’s massive tar sands projects to Gulf Coast refineries

Despite Obama's efforts, 11 Democrats brushed off Obama on the vote and sided with Republicans.

The 11 Democratic defections were Sens. Max Baucus (Mont.), Mark Begich (Alaska), Robert Casey (Pa.), Kent Conrad (N.D.), Kay Hagen (N.C.), Mary Landrieu (La.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Claire McCaskill (MO.), Mark Pryor (Ark.), John Tester (Mont.) and Jim Webb (Va.).

No Republicans voted against the measure, and 60 votes were needed to move forward.......

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