Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friends, please help Zilla's battle against Lyme Disease

We must not be deprived of our fellow blogger Zilla's feisty vigor and her rants against the lunacy of the Left and the murderous madness of islam. She is a fighter and I am confident she will be able to fight this debilitating disease too but we need to help with the paper part of it ... money.   Zilla said "I could really use some help. You will be helping to save my life and give back to my family the mom & wife that they deserve."

I know times are hard in this present economy of ours but things change and we can always hope for better days ... but only if we have our health.... and in this case you will be helping to save a life.

A dear friend of mine has been struggling for more than 7 years with this dreaded disease, the effects and symptoms of which evade 99% of the family doctors you visit. We have no idea how long this disease had been ravaging inside Zilla. At least in the case of my friend, it was caught before it got to the late stage like it has with Zilla. My friend is going through treatment and no telling how long the treatment will continue. From an upbeat individual who could stay up partying all night long, she was reduced to a bundle of sickness who had to be carried around the house by her husband. Yes, it can get that bad and worse.

Dr.Richard Horowitz speaks on the disease below.

From the documentary "Under our Skin"

Zilla's blog has details on where and how to view the full documentary.

The maker of the documentary "Under our Skin" talks about the film.

To learn more about Lyme Disease visit:


  1. Thank you, Marias! And thanks for the extra links & vids - I'll check them out! Prayers for your dear friend that she too will beat this miserable disease.

  2. Lyme disease is a multi-stage inflammatory disease that affects all the systems of the body, including the brain. Diagnosis is difficult, and treatment remains controversial. Though symptoms and severity of the illness vary from patient to patient, Lyme disease can impact the brain, the heart and the central nervous system, if left untreated. Lyme experts are currently developing more reliable tests for the disease, and studying antimicrobials as an alternative to standard antibiotic treatment.

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