Sunday, June 25, 2017

The case of the murdered by police Philando Castile = Gross Miscarriage of Justice

what else can you expect from the dying Empire?  Everything evil is being spewed by the to-be-corpse-soon United States of America.

 From Salon
The Philando Castile jury ...
was stacked with pro-gun, pro-cop, middle-aged white people
The jury was well-stacked against a just verdict for Castile
Dashcam footage of the exact moment Philando Castile was murdered by Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez was released late Tuesday. The video proves two things: Castile could not have been more compliant, and Yanez responded to that compliance with violence and seven rounds of gunfire. There is no ambiguity in the footage or the audio, no doubt that Yanez was unqualified to be carrying that gun, no question he was a far greater danger to Minnesota’s citizens than the man he killed. To watch that scene and not believe Philando Castile was murdered is to believe black life has no inherent right to exist......

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