Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Anti-Shariah Law" marches across the USA met with protests from the ill-informed Left snowflakes

There are forces at work to get the snowflakes to believe that Shariah Law is okey-dokey.  Sad that the lefties are so badly misinformed about Shariah and all the evil deeds that it entails.  Are these idiots okay with genital mutilation, honor killing, killing of LGBTetc folks, beheading for insulting Muslim kings and sheikhs, cutting of hands for stealing, divorcing of spouses even without their knowledge, putting women in cages known as burqas, death to those who blasphemy their prophet,etc,etc,etc,?   You won't see these lefty idiots marching against US wars that kill Muslims in their millions.... that is absolutely and totally ok with these highly ignorant nuts.

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