Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Peaceful Empire emerges Centre Stage looking down on the dying one

The oldest civilization of planet Earth comes into its own.  Long overdue.

Matthew Jamison at StrategicCulture
The Chinese Century

The 21st century is experiencing a massive power shift towards East Asia. In particular the magnificent rising super-power of China will undoubtedly be the number one economic power on the planet during the 21st century. In many ways we are living through the Chinese century just as the 20th Century was the American century. China and the Chinese people are one of the most remarkable civilizations ever to emerge in human history. They have had to put up with and endure a great deal from invading external powers yet have always emerged the stronger for it. Sadly they do not get enough credit for what they have achieved. China is without question the greatest country in Asia and one of the greatest on the planet today. Chinese civilization has endured for 5000 years and China as a single, unified state has been in existence for at least 2000 years demonstrating a remarkable resilience, pragmatism, wisdom and adaptability.

The Chinese people are supremely civilized, cultured, hard working, dynamic and a peaceful people. They are also a very clam and enlightened people. In the space of 30 years or so the Chinese people have transformed themselves into the second largest, perhaps even now first largest, economy on the planet. This is due to the hard work, enterprise, resilience and strength of the Chinese people and the strategic vision, discipline and purposeful, decisive leadership of their Government and system of consultative democracy and a socialist-market economy along with a strong sense of national unity and an open mind to be willing to learn from others. As the political, economic, and social systems of Trump's America and Theresa May's Britain are floundering in chaos, confusion and anger the resolute and stable China powers ahead.

Unlike some in the United States and Britain whose hallmark is arrogance and aggression, the Chinese people are supremely humble and confident within themselves, which is always the hallmark of greatness. A Leader like Donald Trump could never emerge in China. Trump is the complete antithesis of everything the Chinese are about.

Sadly, through prejudice, ignorance and jealousy/envy there are so many myths propagated about China which are complete rubbish primarily by arrogant and insecure elements in the United States and their lap dogs in Britain. India and Japan cannot cope with the fact that it will be China who will be the greatest Asian economic superpower and that China is leaving them far behind economically and diplomatically. Some in America, not everyone, but some right wing Republicans such as John Bolton, also cannot accept the fact that China and the Chinese system is proving itself far superior to the American/Western model of free market, individualistic capitalism and "electoral democracy" while some in Britain primarily to be found in Mrs. May's Home Office/MI5 want nothing more than to undermine the brilliant work of George Osborne in bringing Britain and China closer together.......

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