Sunday, June 25, 2017

Glimpse into the lives of some of the Mosul jihadis after their dead bodies are torn apart by dogs

No sympathy, none!!
Fitting isn't it that these low-downs can't stand dogs but now the dogs will be shitting them out in mushy stinking mess after digesting their body parts.

From BBC
The secret lives of young IS fighters 

Mohammed is giddy with excitement as he films the discovery of three IS fighters on his mobile phone.

“Shoot him,” he shouts, gesturing at one of them.

His nervousness gives him away as the unit’s cook. He’s unarmed, but his fellow soldiers from the Iraqi police special forces - known as the Emergency Response Division - are armed to the teeth and are not taking any chances.

Two of the IS fighters are clearly dead. One, most likely a boy, is buried under the rubble of concrete bunker. His small, blackened hand sticks out from mangled remains. Nearby, an older fighter lies in the grass. His eyes are open, but part of his head is missing. He died in the same airstrike that took out the bunker.

But it is the third man, lying in the shadows, further ahead on the path alongside the River Tigris, who has the soldiers worried.....

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