Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Saudi Arabia .... the root of the deadly plague known as Wahhabism

Are more people waking up to the extremism of the cavemen?  The Saudi cavemen have been spreading their poison for going on decades now.  Even in Canada we have madrasa-like schools for Wahhabi followers where the female teachers including tiny tots are seen wearing burqas.
Writing about it to the Ministry of Education in Ottawa, about a decade ago, got me no response. 

Juan Cole at TruthDig
Why Saudi Extremism Is an Argument for Electric Cars, Wind and Solar Energy 

Saudi Arabia has gotten too big for its britches, and the oil-producing Middle East is turning even more unstable.  Not to mention that global warming is getting worse and worse because of burning fossil fuels like petroleum.

And it is your fault.  If you are an American, your country imports 1.1 million barrels of petroleum every day from Saudi Arabia.  Every time you fill up at the pump, you are enriching the Saudi elite and making the world more unstable.

In the European Union, Statoil and Saudi Arabia account for 20% of imports of petroleum.

The obvious solution to this problem, of instability, extremism and climate change emanating from Riyadh, is electric vehicles, wind turbines and solar panels.  They should be adopted as quickly as humanly possible.....

....Saudi Arabia is denying that it has blockaded Qatar, since it says it is allowing goods and people in and out.  How kind.  90 percent of Qatar’s food came overland through Saudi Arabia, so cutting off that lifeline is certainly a blockade.  Qatar can fly in or ship in food, but at a premium, and many guest workers may not be able to afford it at those prices.  The Saudis are trying to cripple the Qatari civilian economy, which is a war crime.

Now it and its allies are pressuring the United States to close down al-Udeid air base, from which most sorties against ISIL and the Taliban are flown.  This is rich, since back in the 1990s when the US leased a Saudi air base to fly sorties over Iraq, radical Saudis like Usama Bin Laden claimed that this lease was a form of American military occupation of the Muslim holy land.  Bin Laden gave this US presence as one of the reasons for his strike at New York and Washington on September 11, 2001.  ........

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