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The plight of Christians in the Middle East bring joy to the so-called "Christian leaders" of the various nations around the world ...

because they are actually anti-Christianity.  True Christians should be 100% against wars without cause and wars started/continued for monetary reasons. Either these so called "Christians" have been brainwashed or they are devils in disguise. Take your pick. There's no other option to choose from for what these monstrous warlords are doing to our world.

Everything bad that's happening to the Christians of the Middle East and Africa is happening because the EU leaders along with the leaders of the Anglo nations of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, have planned it so.
Is that a conspiracy theory?  No, it's just a plain simple fact.  They knew what the consequences of their wars in Muslim lands would mean to the Christian residents there, they knew the Christians would have to bear the brunt of Muslim rage and frustration because "Christian" and "Judeo" bombs were falling on them.
The leaders of the Anglo nations and the EU, when formulating their hellish war plans, must have just shrugged their shoulders and considered the destruction of the Christians as "collateral damage"

Below a few examples of what's happening on the Christian front in that part of the world.

Harriet Sherwood at Guardian
Christians flee growing persecution in Africa and Middle East
Millions escaped countries such as Nigeria, Eritrea, Syria and Iraq in 2015, according to charity

Religious persecution is on the rise in Africa and the Middle East, forcing millions of Christians to flee their homes for overcrowded refugee camps and the risks of smuggling routes to Europe, according to a report.

The targeting of Christians has worsened over the past year, says Open Doors, a charity that monitors religiously motivated violence and discrimination, and produces an annual league table of the worst countries in which to be a Christian....

....Eritrea, at number three on the list, is dubbed “the North Korea of Africa”. President Isaias Afewerki’s “totalitarian paranoia” is driving hundreds of thousands of its citizens into the hands of people smugglers. “Eritrean Christians, even though they know there is a very high probability of falling into the hands of traffickers and ruthless radical groups like Daesh [Islamic State], are still desperate to escape from Eritrea,” the report quotes one of its researchers as saying....

Carey Lodge at ChristianToday
Persecuted Christians in Eritrea:
'The guards offered to let us go if we renounced Jesus. We said no'
More than 300 Christians are believed to be languishing in Eritrean jails, while tens of thousands have fled the country's brutal regime.

Located in the horn of Africa, Eritrea is run under a one party political system – President Isaias Afwerki of the People's Front for Democracy and Justice party has been in power since independence in 1993, and the formation of other political groups is forbidden. For more than a decade, the government has been persecuting Christians, who make up around half of the population, and other vulnerable groups. According to persecution charity Release International, all evangelical and independent churches have been closed, and many Christians tortured for their faith.

Last year, Eritreans were the second largest group to risk the perilous journey across the Mediterranean in the hope of a better life in Europe. The largest group were from Syria, where a five-year civil war is dragging on.....

From Citoyen (google translation of a para from the French)
....The village of Maaloula has particularly suffered in 2013-2014. It began with an offensive jihadists mainly Al-Nosra Front backed by fighters of the Free Syrian Army in which Maaloula will fall to the rebels. Against an attack by government forces allow their departure before they will regain control of the village. The reinforcement of the Syrian army will start the final rebel forces who massacred many civilians and vandalized churches. The jihadists have committed there a "real archaeological massacre", burning and plundering the monastery church, one of the oldest Christian buildings in the world, dating back to the early fourth century, destroying exceptional icons....

Nick Gutteridge at Express
Blair has 'blood on his hands'
over thousands of Christians killed by ISIS since Iraq War

Tony Blair has the blood of thousands of slaughtered Christians on his hands after his decision to go to war in Iraq sparked a “mass genocide" across the Middle East, a church leader has told
Father Douglas Bazi, who preached in Mosul, Iraq, said life was infinitely better under Saddam Hussein than it is now.

Tony Blair claimed he freed the Iraqi people from tyranny. But in a scathing rebuke the clergyman said Britain and America's controversial invasion of his home country in 2003 unleashed a catastrophic wave of Islamist extremism which has seen minority groups persecuted and destroyed.
In an exclusive interview with, Father Bazi, who was captured and tortured by al-Qaeda militants in 2006, gives an in-depth outlook from the ground describing the chaos which followed the brief invasion....

....At least 1,800 Christians have been brutally murdered by Islamist fanatics in Iraq since 2003, whilst 100,000 were forced to flee Mosul in one night when ISIS captured the city. ...

...The Archbishop of Aleppo, in Syria, recently warned that Christianity could be wiped out in the region in just five years if Islamist fanatics including ISIS are allowed to carry on their campaign of persecution unchecked.

Father Bazi runs refugee centres in Erbil, in the Kurdistan safe zone, where 1,200 Christians fleeing death and torture have found a home. ....

Jane Corbin at Guardian
These may be the last Christians of the Middle East
 – unless we help
Islamic extremism has taken persecution to a new level, but the seeds were sown a decade ago in the US- and British-led Iraq invasion

hristianity is under siege in the very place where it was born. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled Iraq and Syria in the face of Islamic extremism and conflict. After a six-week trip across the Middle East in which I met church leaders and embattled congregations, it is clear to me that Christianity is hanging by a thread, and may not survive in some places. Some Christians said that after the brutality they had suffered and witnessed, they feared that relations with their Muslim neighbours could never be restored.

In Iraq the situation is critical. I visited the monastery of St Matthew, which has occupied a mountain top above the plain of Nineveh, in the north of the country, since the fourth century. Below you can hear artillery blasts and see western airstrikes on Islamic State positions. When Christianity stretched across the Roman empire, 7,000 monks worshipped here: today only six are left, and hardly anyone dares visit the ancient site which could soon become just a relic of Christianity in the region.

Ceylan Yeginsu at NYTimes
Turkey’s Seizure of Churches and Land Alarms Armenians

The Turkish government has seized the historic Armenian Surp Giragos Church, a number of other churches and large swaths of property in the heavily damaged Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, saying it wants to restore the area but alarming residents who fear the government is secretly aiming to drive them out.

The city, in the heart of Turkey’s predominantly Kurdish southeast, has been the scene of heavy fighting for nearly a year, since the Turkish military began a counterinsurgency campaign against militants from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which ended a two-year cease-fire in July. Many neighborhoods have been left in ruins, and hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes. Surp Giragos, one of the largest Armenian churches in the Middle East, was damaged in the fighting and forced to shut its doors.

Both the Armenians, for whom Surp Giragos is an important cultural touchstone, and the Kurds have discerned a hidden agenda in the expropriations. They say the government plans to replace the destroyed neighborhoods they shared with other minorities with luxury rentals and condominiums affordable only to a wealthier, presumably nonminority class of residents.

Some analysts agree, saying even some of the better-off Syrian refugees in Turkey could end up there.....

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