Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Leave alone millions dead by bombs,etc , here's a list of Refugee Deaths since Empire's wars on Muslim countries

If not for wars inflicted by the warmongering powers-that-be on the Muslims in the Middle East and Africa, there wouldn't be deaths by drowning, by missiles, by headchopping, by car bombs, by suicide bombs ... and incidentally there would not be the millions of Shariah-loving folks making their way to the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and to the main warmonger, the United States of America.
What's not to like about the situation, eh?  STFU about refugees coming over and enjoy the coming shariah in every aspect of your lives. You didn't protest when your heroes were invading and bombing the Muslim lands, did you?  So, why complain now about the consequences?

From UNHCR dated Jan 31, 2012
More than 1,500 drown or go missing trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2011

UNHCR figures also show that a record 58,000 irregular migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees managed to make it to Europe by sea last year.
The UN refugee agency on Tuesday released figures showing that more than 1,500 irregular migrants or refugees drowned or went missing last year while attempting crossings of the Mediterranean Sea.

“This makes 2011 the deadliest year for this region since UNHCR started to record these statistics in 2006. The previous high was in 2007 when 630 people were reported dead or missing,” Senior Communications Officer Sybella Wilkes told journalists in Geneva, while adding that at least 18 people had drowned this year to date after setting off from Libya for Europe.

“Our teams in Greece, Italy, Libya and Malta, warn that the actual number of deaths at sea may be even higher,” Wilkes said. “Our estimates are based on interviews with people who reached Europe on boats, telephone calls and e-mails from relatives, as well as reports from Libya and Tunisia from survivors whose boats either sank or were in distress in the early stages of the journey,” she explained.

Wilkes also revealed that a record 58,000 irregular migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees managed to make it to European shores last year after setting off in boats from Asia or North Africa. The previous high was in 2008, when 54,000 people reached Greece, Italy and Malta.

During 2009 and 2010, border control measures sharply reduced the number of arrivals in Europe. The frequency of boat arrivals increased in early 2011 as the governments in Tunisia and Libya collapsed.

The majority of last year’s arrivals by sea landed in Italy (56,000, of whom 28,000 were Tunisian) while Malta and Greece received 1,574 and 1,030 respectively. The majority arrived in the first half of the year and most were migrants, not asylum-seekers or refugees. Only three smuggler’s boats arrived after mid-August.....

From the Guardian dated July 11, 2012
Fifty refugees drown in Mediterranean
 Asylum seekers from Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan die after after boat capsizes en route to Italy. One man survives to tell the tale
More than 50 asylum seekers trying to reach Italy died when their boat capsized, according to a man who has said he is the sole survivor.

Rocco Nuri, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Tunisia, told the Guardian that the survivor, whom he named as Abbas, was spotted by Tunisian fishermen on Monday night clinging to a fuel tank and the remains of the boat. The 25-year-old Eritrean was taken to hospital in the town of Zarzis.
After interviewing him, Nuri quoted the man as saying that he had set off from Tripoli in Libya with 55 others – 33 Eritreans, 20 Somalis and two Sudanese. At some point in the journey – "He is very confused about timing," said Nuri – the rigid inflatable boat on which they were travelling developed a puncture on one side. Many of the passengers fled to the opposite side of the vessel and the wooden base of the boat gave way under their weight.....

From UnitedAgainstRacism dated Jan 11, 2012 (list is from way back even before Empire's war on Afghanistan and documents until Oct 2012)
The documented deaths of refugees up to that date is 17,306. But by this date now in 2016, I am willing to bet that that figure has gone well over 25K  because of the intensity of the wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and renewed hostilities in Libya.

List of 17306 documented refugee deaths through Fortress Europe

From Telegraph dated April 2015
Mediterranean migrant death toll '30 times higher than last year': as it happened

More than 1,750 migrants perished in the Mediterranean since the start of the year - more than 30 times higher than during the same period of 2014, says the International Organisation for Migration

WorldSocialistWebsite  dated May 30,2016
Over 700 refugees drown in Mediterranean shipwrecks

More than 700 refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea since Wednesday attempting to reach Europe from Libya. It is the single deadliest week for refugee drownings this year, according to the United Nations refugee agency, the UNHCR.

Three shipwrecks in just three days account for most of the week’s enormous death toll. Other agencies, including Médecins Sans Frontières (MSN), have estimated more than 900 deaths. “We will never know exact numbers,” MSN tweeted on Sunday, “Around 900 people may have died in the Central Mediterranean in the last week alone. Europe, this is unbearable.”....

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