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On the wonderful "Offensive Poetry Contest" targeting Erdogan

Makes me happy to know we still have plenty of folks who value freedom of speech.
I have seen some of the most amazingly obscene limericks posted on Twitter.  Many can't be found any more, either because Twitter did the dirty and removed them altogether or they won't surface with a simple search. The more obscene, as the rules mandated, the better they were.
If you are a prude, don't read any further.

Douglas Murray at Spectator
Introducing ‘The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition’ – £1000 prize to be won
Nobody should be surprised that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has instituted effective blasphemy laws to defend himself from criticism in Turkey.  But many of us had assumed that these lèse-majesté laws would not yet be put in place inside Europe.  At least not until David Cameron succeeds in his long-held ambition to bring Turkey fully into the EU. Yet here we are.  Erdogan’s rule now already extends to Europe.

At the end of last month, during a late-night comedy programme, a young German comedian called Jan Böhmermann included a poem that was rude about Erdogan.  Incidentally the point of Mr Böhmermann’s skit was to highlight the obscenity of Turkey already trying to censor satire in Germany.

What happened next happened in swift order.  First of all the Turks complained to their German counterparts.  Within a few days the programme had been pulled.  A few more days and it was whitewashed out of existence altogether.  In the meantime Mr Böhmermann himself was forced to go under police protection.  The worst blow then came late last week when Chancellor Merkel allowed the prosecution of Mr Böhmermann to go ahead in Germany.  Strangely enough, Chancellor Merkel is currently pretending that the trial of a German comedian in Germany for insulting a foreign despot is a liberal act.  Don’t we all understand, she asks, that the .....

.... I do not want to have to, Vizier-like, proclaim my own poem the winner.  Anyhow, here’s mine:

    Recep Erdogan is the Turk’ll
    Never tire of rim-jobs from his circle
    Yet his chief-est delight
    (Now Khilafa’s in sight)
    Are the felchings he gets from Frau Merkel

Now purists will notice that I have committed two potential solecisms here.  The first is to rhyme ‘Turk’ll’ with ‘circle’.  It works when read ....

 From BBC
'Insult Turkey's Erdogan' contest set up by Spectator magazine
A UK-based magazine has offered a prize to the author of the most offensive poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is suing a German comedian over a satirical verse.

The Spectator is offering £1,000, donated by a reader.

It comes after Germany opened the door for a comedian to potentially be prosecuted over a TV broadcast.

Jan Boehmermann had recited a satirical poem on the TV channel ZDF which made sexual references to President Erdogan.

Mr Boehmermann is now under police protection and Angela Merkel's government has approved a criminal inquiry, under a little-used law concerning insults against foreign heads of state.

Mrs Merkel stressed that the courts would have the final word, and it was now up to prosecutors to decide whether to press charges.....

From Spectator  ( A vid at link that's satiric but hugely obscene, but Turks are likely to believe the guy. HAHAHAHAHA)
Nice try President Erdogan, but you can’t prosecute all Europeans who insult you
Well the entries have been flooding in for the ‘Insult Erdogan Poetry Contest’. Thousands and thousands of them in fact, with entries from all over the world. The volume is quite extraordinary, particularly the number that are being submitted in Arabic.

Next week there is going to be a major development as I unveil the international prize jury who are going to help judge the event. I am proud to say that we already have an extraordinary array of international literary stars who are going to help adjudicate what is now the world’s highest paying poetry prize.

But there is one negative development to report too. It appears that President Erdogan’s famously untrustworthy hands are trying to extend as far into Europe as the Netherlands. Indeed the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam has now been caught red-handed, not this time with a goat, but in an attempt to persuade Turkish people in Holland (part of that very well-integrated Turkish-Dutch community) to report anybody in Holland who insults the thin-skinned Turkish President.....

For the time-being Holland has a similar idiotic law to that of Germany, criminalising any derogatory remarks about a foreign head of state, even an unpleasant little despot like Erdogan. Fortunately Dutch MPs are already acting to scrap the law.

But there already appears to be a push to prosecute ....

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