Monday, May 9, 2016

Sweden in deep doo-doo

Below are two important vids  that I missed including in my yesterday's "Alternative Media" listing.
One is on Sweden and the other is on the Finicum  family of the great United States of America.

Ingrid Carlqvist talks to Stefan Molyneux.  Sweden is in trouble, but Swedes amass should have been doing something about the trouble from years ago. A few individuals like Ingrid Carlqvist are outnumbered by the brain-dead of that country.

The whole of EU is now almost completely Islamized, not just Sweden.  I have no sympathy for the Europeans.  When their leaders were going to war all over the Middle East, Africa  and Afghanistan on the Empire's orders, did we see any of the EU citizens coming out in doves to protest those illegal wars?  If not for those wars, would there be such a large influx of Muslims in the EU?  I sort of remember only EU's  LEFTISH  citizens (on whom the Right is now blaming the Muslim trouble) were the ones who did have several protest marches against the Iraq and Afghan wars. The Right along with the Left's elite in government bodies, were clamoring  for both wars. 

I have been writing about Sweden from way back when. Just type in the word Sweden in the search above and you will see the Muslim trouble in Sweden started many, many years ago.  It's too late now to stop the madness unless the EU wants to go the Hitler way.

Meet the Finicum family.  The most amazingly terrible events are happening in the USA, every single one is an assault by the government on liberty-loving citizen who have the courage to stand up to the oppressive powers-that-be.

Here's more on the FBI shooting of  LaVoy Finicum a God-fearing, peace-loving, liberty-appreciating man. 

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