Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In Remembrance of those burned to death in Odessa on May 2, 2014

The Western MSM, if at all it covered this horror,  lied through its rotting teeth about how the fire was started and how the 40+ Russian-speaking Ukrainians were burnt alive or clubbed to death after they jumped from the windows to escape the flames.

Below is a sample of what the BBC told us.  BBC also put up pics of masked men under headings of "pro-Russian" knowing fully well that the masked men were NOT from the pro-Russian crowd.
BBC knew fully well that those who fired from the roof into the crowds below were NOT pro-Russian but agent provocateurs.
BBC also knew that the crowd inside the building had no "petrol bombs" but as was clearly seen from several videos from that day, there were Ukrainians, even young teenage blonde beauties in the process of making molotov cocktails to use against the pro-Russian crowd.

Every single Western press outlet, if they even deemed to report on this atrocity, moulded their narrative in such a way that all blame was flung onto the victims of  this unforgivable crime.

...The exact sequence of events 
is still unclear, but reports suggest the separatists had barricaded themselves inside the building and both sides were throwing molotov cocktails....

...The violence erupted as fans marching before a football match were ambushed by pro-Russian activists, eyewitnesses say.

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