Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden takes control of world mapping. Declares Syria is five times larger than Libya

Is it because he has insider info of what they plan to do with Syria once NATO takes over?   Hmmmmmm.   Perhaps.  Let's prepare ourselves  for the possible takeover of  Syria  +  merging it with Iraq under one rule of a NATO appointed Muslim Brotherhood democracy killer.  Now, that would make Syria five times larger than Libya.  Yup !!!  

Awr Hawkins writing at Breibart:
During the Vice Presidential debate  on Thursday night, Joe Biden claimed, incorrectly, that Syria is five times larger than Libya. 

Biden made the claim during one of the many exchanges on foreign policy, in which Biden was trying to paint the Romney/Ryan ticket as lacking in foreign policy gravitas.

In his haste, Biden said Syria was "geographically" five times larger than Libya, explaining the reason the Obama administration had not intervened directly there. His full statement was that Syria "is a different country, it is five times as large geographically, it has one fifth the population." 
During his delivery he caught himself and tried to salvage the situation by adding, "that is Libya." But the statement was disconnected and didn't do anything to clear up his claims about Syria..........

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