Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Two recent terror attacks in non-Muslim lands ... one is mourned by the West's MSM much more than the other.

Do you know which one got more media attention? 

Those who don't have the answer, are of course being dishonest. While the Anglo-world talked non-stop about the UK attack (and  Russia did too, btw), the one in Russia was either down-played or outright pooh-poohed.
This is the state of our world now.  Russia and Russians are to be treated as pariahs and those stalwarts who insist on peace and unity between all nations and are voicing their concerns about the horrendous treatment meted out to Russia, are to be ridiculed and name-called.

This one from UK's BBC about the attack in the UK on March 22. 
Total humans killed = 4.  Total terrorists killed = 1. 
Total injured = 20 humans

This one from UK's BBC about the attack in St. Petersberg's metro, Russia. 
Total humans killed = 14 +/- suicide bomber.
Total injured =  45 humans

Below, from RT (Russia Today TV network) on the terrorism attack in St. Petersburg's metro, April 3

AND, while UK's BBC thought it fit to disparage Russia's government and hint at the Russian government's hand in the metro attack,  RT carried on and on covering the London attack and showing full sympathy and empathy with the humans of UK.

Hence, I surmise Russians have red blood like many of us.  The Brits have blue blood just like many of the Russia haters. 
Humans have red blood, I am told.

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