Thursday, April 20, 2017

On the massacre of 100+ hungry children who were lured to death with packets of crisps by USA's proxy army in Syria

I am all choked up listening to Vanessa Beeley who had just arrived in the vicinity and heard about the massacre from people who witnessed the worst possible atrocity committed by the USA/Israel/KSA/Qatar/Turkey-funded, armed and trained beloved "rebels".  If what she has to say does not remind you of stuff that happened during the WW2 holocaust than you have probably not read any of those stories.

Vid below is from April 19

From RT on April 17
The UN Children’s Fund has condemned   the killing of more than 60 children in a recent Aleppo bomb attack targeting evacuees.

“After six years of war and human carnage in Syria… six years of heartbreak for so many Syrian families… there comes a new horror that must break the heart of anyone who has one,” the statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake said Sunday.

“More than 60 children reportedly killed in an attack on a bus convoy yesterday outside Aleppo. A convoy of families who for so long had already known so much suffering. Now the survivors must bear such a new and terrible loss,” the statement added.

Lake urged not only for regret, but for action to ensure that the war ends soon, saying, “We must draw from this not only anger, but renewed determination to reach all the innocent children throughout Syria with help and comfort. And draw from it also the hope that all those with the heart and the power to end this war will do so.”

While Syrian state media reported up to 40 fatalities on the day of the blast, on Monday the toll rose to 125 people killed, according to local human rights groups. The attack came at the same time as the Syrian government was carrying out the internationally-brokered evacuation of two towns.

“This is one of the worst, most horrifying massacres. We urge our president Assad to help us out. What happened can’t be described. Oh, dear God! We don’t know what to do,” a woman outside an Aleppo hospital told Ruptly on Saturday.....

The vid below is from April 18.  Jimmy Dore shows how the MSM reported this massacre.

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