Friday, April 14, 2017

The YUGE cost of taking care of the warmonger nation of Israel

To American taxpayers it might be only money, but the cost to other nations is far, far worse.  Nations like Lebanon, Iraq and Syria have paid in the loss of millions of their citizens and destruction of their cities and an averse effect on the present and future health of its peoples, both physio and mental.
BECAUSE of Israel, we are seeing the present upheaval in Syria and the influx of refugees into EU and then onwards to other countries like Canada, Australia and USA. The refugees coming from Syria are not all Syrians of the "non-suicide bombing" kind. Spread among the Syrian refugees are the Saudi Arabia madrasa-trained wahhabis whose fashion statements often  come by way of showing off the deadly designs on their explosive vests by embedding bits of it in non-wahhabis.
It never stops to entertain me how the pro-Israel but anti-Muslim idiots are so much against refugees from Muslim nations without going to the root cause of why we have come to this stage where very soon EU will have a 30%+ Muslim population ... probably it's already at that number.

Philip Giraldi at AmericanConservative
The True Cost of Israel
U.S. support goes far beyond the official numbers.
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) concluded its annual conference late last month, triggering the usual debate in various alternative media outlets. Why does so much U.S. taxpayer money go to a small and not particularly useful client state that has a vibrant European-level economy and is already a regional military colossus?

Those who support the cash flow argue that Israel is threatened, most notably by Iran; they claim the assistance, which has been largely but not completely used to buy American-made weapons, is required to maintain a qualitative edge over the country’s potential enemies. Those who oppose the aid would counter that the Iranian threat is largely an Israeli and Saudi Arabian invention, used to justify continued American support for the national-security policies of both countries. And they would add that Tel Aviv is more than able to defend itself and pay for its own military establishment.

In truth, American aid to Israel is something like a pot of gold that keeps on giving. Both sides in the discussion would probably agree that the domestic Israel Lobby has been instrumental in sustaining the high level of aid, though they would undoubtedly disagree over whether that is a good or bad thing. The operation of “The Lobby,” generally regarded as the most powerful voice on foreign policy in Washington, led Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer to ask, “Why has the U.S. been willing to set aside its own security … in order to advance the interests of another state? [No] explanation can account for the remarkable level of material and diplomatic support that the U.S. provides.” They observed that “Other special interest groups have managed to skew foreign policy, but no lobby has managed to divert it as far from what the national interest would suggest, while simultaneously convincing Americans that U.S. interests and those of the other country—in this case, Israel—are essentially identical.

Since the foundation of the state of Israel in 1948, it has been “the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II,”  according to the Congressional Research Service. The United States has provided Israel with $233.7 billion in adjusted for inflation aid between 1948 through the end of 2012, reports Haaretz. Current discussions center on the Obama administration’s memo of understanding with Israel that promised it $38 billion in military assistance over the next 10 years, a considerable sum but nevertheless a total that is far less than what is actually received annually from the United States Treasury and from other American sources.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), speaking in the most recent legislative discussion over Israeli aid, stated that the $38 billion should be regarded as a floor, and that Congress should approve additional funds for Israeli defense ..........

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