Monday, April 3, 2017

On the Chinese father killed in Paris by trigger-happy French cops

Chinese father of two teenage girls was gunned down by French police in his own apartment when he opened the door to a GANG of police officers.
When the usually mild mannered and non-intrusive Chinese community shows anger and resentment, it's easy to discern that their patience with the French government is wearing thin. 

If you listen to the item below you will surmise that there have been incidents of robbery and vandalism of the French-Chinese by the unsavory elements found in plenty in France and perhaps that was the reason why the father was reluctant to open the door. If his kids are to be believed, the cops did not identify themselves as cops and the ones who stormed into the flat were NOT in uniform. The Chinese community has been  begging for police protection but their requests (perhaps because they don't whine loud enough like some other communities we know of) have been ignored by the French authorities. The government likes what the Chinese do to the West's economy but liking the Chinese themselves ... that's another matter.

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