Sunday, August 14, 2016

On the University of Toronto student mixed up in the Bangladesh terror attack of July 1

The pics at the article are very damaging but are they photoshopped?  Anything is possible these days, so that possibility should not be overruled.
However, IF the pics are not photoshopped, the big question that should be answered by Tahmid Khan, "permanent resident" status holder is: "How was he able to access the rooftop of the restaurant in company with suspects involved in the atrocity and how come he appears cool and calm and chatting away like he's  one of them?"   

CBC has given a comprehensive enough report, see below. 

Macleans has just glazed over the issue as have many other Canadian news outlets.
Globe and Mail has not showed the pics. 

National Post has the photographs with a "body-language" expert saying the student is "innocent"  -  had no idea there were "body-language experts" leave alone that they can tell who's innocent and who's not.

If  he's really innocent, then it's just horrid luck he happened to be in the restaurant and was told to pick up a gun and kept holding on to it even when taking the air up on the roof.

Shanifa Nasser at CBC
Bangladesh extends detention of Toronto student as photos surface of him holding gun

'Anyone that has known him for five seconds knows that he’s not capable of doing something like this'
In a T-shirt emblazoned with a red maple leaf, Tahmid Khan was led to a Bangladeshi court Saturday, where a judge authorized police to continue holding the University of Toronto student in connection with a deadly café attack claimed by ISIS that killed 20 hostages.

The six-day extension comes about one week after Bangladeshi police announced that the 22-year-old had been arrested, seeking permission from the court to question him along with British national Hasnat Karim, 47, for 10 days.

Friends and family of the Canadian permanent resident have vigorously maintained that Khan has been held in police custody since the July 1 attack, and is innocent.

"They don't have to articulate to the court what the suspicion is, whether they have any evidence," lawyer Marlys Edwardh told CBC News of the Bangladeshi authorities.

"They're not obliged to do anything more than saying, 'We have a suspicion and we'd like a few more days to investigate.' That's what happened today."

Saturday's decision followed on the publication of photos in the Dhaka Tribune apparently showing Khan holding a gun on the rooftop of the Holey Artisan Bakery restaurant, along with one of the suspects in the attack. Security forces would later storm the restaurant on July 2, killing the gunmen and rescuing the remaining 13 hostages.....

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