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Entrapment of slow minded individuals by predatory law officers of the RCMP

IMO, the powers-that-be have instructed and trained law enforcement officers to sniff out folks who are, shall we say ... not smart or below average intellect, most probably due to their being habitual druggies.  These kind of people are  like putty in the hands of manipulative police officers or anybody smart and devious enough to be sadistic without a modicum of qualms. Where in the world can you find such nasties?  They can be found aplenty in professions where sadism reigns supreme and that includes not just the police forces but also the intelligence entities attached
to  government departments.

Of late, the two "Islamic terrorism" attacks in the land down south, one in San Bernardino and the other in Orlando are extremely difficult to understand.  The San Bernardino one was, IMO, a job carried out by one of the intel agencies and the patsies were the Muslim couple. Whichever intel agency was in charge of the orchestration of the San Bernadino caper, made far too many "mistakes" and those mistakes were witnessed by more than half a dozen folks  who wasted no time in relating what they saw. Too late for the powers-that-be to bribe or do away with the witnesses, unlike the  Orlando incident. The Orlando one, it's not over.  For sure there are witnesses who are now kept on ice,  but the ice  is bound to thaw in the near future and the truth will come out.  Of that, we can rest assured.

Here's a nice well kept list of terror attacks in USA from way back when.   

Here's what the founder of the Saker site has to say about false flags. Very intriguing.

The important thing to remember is that the powers-that-be have spent the last many decades brainwashing us via the media, especially, Satan's HQ aka Hollywood.
Once you stop believing those who want you to believe certain bullshit, you will learn to recognize bullshit for bullshit and not anything else but bullshit.

The whole point of this post was to show how the Empire's penchant for false flags and entrapment games is  influencing our own police forces here in Canada, but I went slightly off-track.
The case of Nuttall and Korody lays bare how weak minded individuals fall prey to heartless manipulators. Now imagine the manipulators as people who had a mind to do actual damage, they could very well have done so and then removed themselves from the scene or better still, shoot both Nuttall and Korody after they did the "boom".  We would of course believe that the couple and ONLY the couple was responsible for the boom, wouldn't we??? 

Stephanie Ip at TheProvince
‘They were out of their league’: 
Mountie behind ‘Mr. Big’ tactic blasts RCMP’s terror probe

Retired inspector Al Haslett, who helped develop the sting tactic in the 1990s, slams the team who investigated John Nuttall and Amanda Korody for not stopping the operation earlier.

A retired RCMP inspector who helped develop the “Mr. Big” sting tactic in B.C. believes the officers in the Canada Day terror probe were “out of their league” while investigating John Nuttall and Amanda Korody.

“The police that were engaged in this particular investigation never had the experience to be running something of this nature,” said former Mountie Al Haslett. “They were not experts in undercover work and they were out of their league.”

Nuttall and Korody were arrested in July 2013 as part of a police sting after planting what they believed were pressure-cooker bombs at the B.C. legislature on Canada Day. A jury found them guilty of terrorism-related charges in June 2015.

But on Friday, Justice Catherine Bruce ruled the RCMP had entrapped Nuttall and Korody into carrying out a police-manufactured crime, describing it as something the couple could never have planned, let alone executed, without the help and coercion of undercover officers. The conviction was overturned and the couple released.

“It cannot be said that the police acted in bad faith; however, they did not act in good faith,” said Bruce in her written decision.

“They were clearly overzealous and acted on the assumption that there were no limits to what was acceptable when investigating terrorism. Within their ranks there were warnings given and ignored.”
Haslett and the late RCMP Insp. Peter Marsh developed the Mr. Big technique in B.C. during the early 1990s. The sting operation sends officers undercover to pose as crime bosses to gain the trust of suspects and, when successful, results in a confession that nets a conviction or information that exonerates a suspect.

Mock executions, staged drug deals, and the appearance of a “criminal” lifestyle are often par for the course in Mr. Big investigations.

Most famously, the sting was successful in eliciting confessions from West Vancouver teens Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay in the 1994 baseball-bat slaughter of Rafay’s mother, father, and sister.

The sting has also been used to snare Michael Proulx, who killed a Kentucky Fried Chicken co-worker in 1995 and fled Burnaby for a new life in England. It was there that a female Scotland Yard officer, working with RCMP, posed as a love interest to pull a confession from Proulx.......

Charlie Smith at Straight
Judge overturns convictions of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody i
n connection with plot to bomb B.C. legislature

...A massive RCMP sting operation monitored and directed the couple. An undercover operative even drove them to stores where they looked for bomb-making equipment.

Bruce declared in court today that police, in fact, manufactured the crimes.

She acknowledged that Nuttall "held extremist views of the Muslim faith" and that Karody "appeared to accept" this.

"However, the actions of the police went far beyond presenting the defendants with an opportunity to commit an act of terrorism," Bruce declared in her ruling. "The police engaged in a multi-faceted and systematic manipulation of the defendants to induce them into committing a terrorist offence."

In addition, Bruce stated that the undercover operation's "deceit practised upon the defendants constituted an implied threat".

"The defendants were so convinced that Officer A and his associates were part of Al Qaeda that they came to fear the officers would kill them if they did not complete the terrorist plan that was orchestrated by the police," the judge wrote.

She also pointed out that recorded conversations indicated that Nuttal had "obvious intellectual deficits that should have been apparent to the police".

"The defendants’ unsophistication and child-like nature made it easy for Officer A to manipulate their actions and beliefs. They came to love and trust him completely."....

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