Monday, August 22, 2016

The Rio Olympics 2016 and how Canada fared in it

The Canadian team went in hoping they would get 12 medals.  Well they did much better than that.  For a country whose population is less than 38 Million, Canada did awesomely good.

From TheStar dated Aug 3
Canada's Goal...
A lucky 13, says The Associated Press. A slightly better 16, Sports Illustrated projected. A decidedly sunny 19, predicted hometown The Canadian Press.

But for Canada’s Olympic team — as a whole — in Rio, there’s one number that matters: 12.

That’s what chef de mission Curt Harnett reiterated as Team Canada’s goal to finish in the medal standings, an improvement — albeit by just one place — from London...

From CTVNews dated Aug 21
Team Canada hits the mark in Rio with one of its best medal hauls
Canada's summer athletes moved the needle at the Rio Olympics with one of their best performances ever.

Lagging behind their winter counterparts since the turn of the century, Canadians won 22 medals to equal the most at a non-boycotted Games after Atlanta in 1996.

Four gold, three silver and 15 bronze bettered the 18 medals and single gold of London four years ago. Quadruple gold was also the best since seven in 1992.

"Our athletes have proved we're one of the best teams ever sent to any Olympic Games," chef de mission Curt Harnett said at Sunday's news conference. "They delivered a historic performance."...

In the last Summer Olympics in 2012 Canada was placed 36 with 18 medals.  Now, Canada is ranked 20 with 4 golds, 3 silvers and 15 bronze.
What a great job overall !!

As for the 1st 4 ranked countries, in spite of the political stink aimed at Russian athletes, Russia still managed to retain its 4th place, albeit taking fewer medals.
Says something about staying power, doesn't it?

South Korea and Australia didn't do as well as they had in 2012. 

As for the Ukraine, to drop from ranked 14 to now a sad, sad 31... tells me that the best athletes in Ukraine were Russians and they have probably left for their original homeland or moved to Crimea.

Bottom line:  Well Done Canada!   Who knows, maybe next time 2020 Tokyo, Canada might jump ahead and find a place in the top 10.

Here's this year's count from Bing. 

I did not watch a single Olympics event this time round, not even the opening or closing ceremonies, although I was hugely tempted to watch events where Canada had reached the finals.
Reason being it was my own little protest for Olympics being hosted in countries where there's a multitude of the poor.  Instead of spending the tonnes of money it requires to hold such an event, wouldn't it have been better to use that money to uplift a segment of the population from the millions of dirt poor Brazilians of the favelas?

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