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The Tragedy of Sweden

When things are not nipped in the bud, we see occurrences the type of which we have been seeing more and more of late.
However, very unfortunately, Muslims have been rampaging in  Sweden from way back when.  The politicians (vote whores) did not take any serious action against the wrong-doers then and as their  unsocial behaviour was not reined in, that behaviour has been intensifying with each  criminal event that went unpunished.

The latest horror in Sweden was the stabbing death of a young woman volunteer at one of the refugee centres. That has given rise to anger and has led to the incident below.  I am 100% sure, this won't be a one-off event.  Expect more.  The authorities, having not laid down the law when they should have, have now been rendered non-entities.  This is often the case as history tells us again and again.  BUT nobody takes heed ever.

From the Independent
'Hundreds' of masked men beat    refugee children in Stockholm
They handed out leaflets threatening to give 'the North African street children who are roaming around' the 'punishment they deserve'
Hundreds of masked men marched through Stockholm's main train station on Friday evening, reportedly beating up refugees and anyone who didn't appear to be ethnically Swedish.

Wearing all-black balaclavas and armbands, the men "gathered with the purpose of attacking refugee children," Stockholm police spokesperson Towe Hagg said.

"I saw maybe three people who were beaten.....

This blog has  been documenting some of the past incidents in Sweden, and a quick search reveals the blogs listed below.
I can see from my old postings that I mostly blamed the Muslims for EVERYTHING bad.  Not any more.  I have come to the sad realization that the anger, violence and revenge seeking mentality of the majority of the Muslim immigrant or refugee population, has been introduced into the Muslims' DNA by the Anglo powers of our world and that phenomena has happened because of the constant warring in Muslim countries and the uprooting of tens of millions of Muslim families. The root of the Muslim problem lies in the misdeeds of our own leaders of the Western world. 

December 12, 2010
Sweden's officials are as stupid as can be ... UGH !!!

Sweden's first suicide bomber....... let's keep a count. Stockholm: Mad Muzzie ONE ....... Dec 11, 2010.
What pure sweet luck that he kills only himself.  However, two innocent shoppers were injured when the car bomb went off.

Now, let me elaborate why the flaming title of this posting:

Below is what the Swedish officials are said to be saying about the terrorist bombing- what's been said here is what is otherwise known as "political correctness" ... you know.... the deadly disease that is akin to a form of madness afflicting "white" people. Muzzies are going stark raving mad afflicted with islam and whities are going starkier raving mad afflicted with political correctness.

I have highlighted the portions that I think are stinky dumps of political correctness. Keep your nose pinched.

July 24, 2012
The Brussels Process:  Swedish reporter Ingrid Cariqvist tells her story

The horrors of Muslim immigration in Sweden brought to you straight from someone who's a resident of Malmo.  Really worth your time to read the entire speech.  We need to know what's ahead of us and our children, and force ourselves to envision the grim future that's in store for them.   The Muslim takeover is real .... maybe not in your lifetime but within the next 50 years. Do the math with the immigration numbers keeping in mind that Muslims don't abort their kids....

October 9, 2012
Sweden....gone to thedogs
Those with eyes wide open and ears not plugged shut were aware of what was going on in Sweden from way back when.  The rot going on there is coming to Canada too. Wait and watch and hear. ....

May 25, 2013
The sickening sadomasochism of Sweden
The authorities in Sweden, including their moronic PM, saying that the Muslim arsonists rampaging  all over  (the riots have spread beyond the capital)  now for the sixth night in a row, are acts committed  by "hooligans", is nothing short of a country begging these murderous immigrants to take over the entire country and make it their own with their own Shariah shit. These authorities don't care about  Swedes, they care more about how they will be able to get those additional votes come election time from the new immigrants and refugees ... for having sided with them against well-meaning Swedes who criticized what's going on.

Lars Hedegaard of Dispatch International has his say in the vid below....

May 26, 2013
Sweden rushing to do itself in before the rest of the EU
Bruce Bawer writing at FrontPageMag gives us a glimpse into Sweden's socialist paradise gone drastically wrong.  He also relies on research done by   Jon Sjunnesson  in a new book "The Swedish Story".   The article is really worth reading in full to give us an understanding of how brainwashing  from early childhood into the socialist mold is easily accomplished by a socialist state  and how generation upon generation of Swedes know not how to act independently from what the State dictates.  Orwell's "1984" is Sweden's "2013"....

Oct 9, 2012
Sweden gone to the dogs
Andreas NorlĂ©n, the MP who has put forth this motion and it has already been voted on and moved further ... looks the picture of one very crazed lunatic psychopath who should be put in a strait jacket and shoved away in a padded cell. No wonder he's come up with this hare-brained nonsense and if this is made into law we will know that there's a disgraceful cartel in charge of Sweden which goes in the guise of a government of the people.  I wonder how they will handle thought criminals who are  not Swedish citizens.  Will the silly Swedes now vote for getting extradition treaties with the rest of the 196 countries of the world ... oh... wait a minute I forgot ....  what one EU country does is regarded to be what every other EU country is supposed to accept, so any  EU citizen caught criticizing an immigrant or LGBT person of Sweden is gonna be hauled kicking and screaming to face the nutty judges in Swedish courts... but they might need those extradition treaties for the rest of the world.

Our mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world.  If it's not the Muslims and the LGBT nuts, it's the white-chocolate coated Swedes....

Sep 18, 2014
Sweden's Muslim Immigration Problem

This is what happens when politicians we vote to high places have less intelligence than a dead drunk homeless bozo wandering in the streets. The kind of situation Sweden finds herself in now, is a very dangerous one. Not only does Sweden have a very aggressive immigrant population, mainly from Syria and Libya, who riot and commit arson at the drop of a hat, the country now has an anti-immigration party in charge .... anything can happen when you mix the two....

June 3, 2013
Sweden lectures other EU countries over "welfare scaremongering"
Must be something in the water there that is driving the white Swedes to the inevitable mass suicide.   50 years from now,  I doubt there will be even 3 million of them left in Sweden. ...

May 26, 2013
Priceless !! UK issues warning to citizens travelling to Sweden

HAHAHAHAHAHA !!   BUT ... what about  travel to Woolwich and London?  Sometimes we have to withhold our anger and instead laugh at all the insanity unfolding relentlessly before our eyes.

May 25, 2013
Fire and Fury

From TheIndependentUK comes a detailed story about the riots in Sweden giving additional  collaboration that the knife brandisher died long before the riots started but just like what the Obama administration did with the Benghazi fiasco,  the authorities in Sweden  too thought it  best to blame the riots not on the rioters themselves but on the "mishap" of their own police which led to spontaneous rioting out of anger and frustration.....and of course the inefficient media writes whatever is easily obtained without delving any further into the statements given by "sources" which sources are most likely  the rioting immigrants themselves.

Worth reading Tom Peck's article in full.  Another thing that comes to light from this article is that the activists from the Left wing party  instigated the initial riots .... so this is something that was planned and executed  by white leftish Swedes using  Muslim immigrants who are ever ready to riot and create havoc  at the slightest excuse. ..

May 25, 2013
7th night of rioting in Sweden 
by Muslim immigrants and refugees
It's the Muslim way of saying "Thank You for rescuing us from our hellhole Muslim countries and bringing us to Sweden and giving us the kind of welfare not given by any other country."   And, of course, the putrid Left of Sweden are firmly with the arsonist and terrorists.  This will spread to other countries too in the EU sooner than later.  I blame the politicians who are responsible for importing these animals, not the  Muslims.  The Muslims  can't change their stripes  nor can they give up their  love for violence embedded deep within their DNA....

May 24, 2013
Socialist Sweden getting a taste of multiculturalism .... from burning cars to burning schools and onwards to what next?

Wait until it gets too spicy for their taste ... that's when the real fireworks will go off.  Socialists cannot take dissent for long, they pretend to be above it all and profess to be very fair-mined and generous .... but time and time again we have seen what happens when things become too hot for the short-sighted ones....

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