Monday, January 25, 2016

Is the world's #1 warmongering bully getting ready for more "pleasurable" defeats?

Yes, it is!!  Wars give America's powers-that-be a kind of erotic sexual pleasure not experience by any other nation throughout our planet's history. When Empires turn masochistic to this level of suicidal insanity, no one can help them from the inevitable downfall.  So, let it happen.  The sooner the better.
Our Earth will breathe a sigh of relief when this particular Empire expires.

From the below pieces you can come to the undoubtedly correct conclusion that the Empire is set to venture once again in Afghanistan and Iraq in a kind of kamikaze failure.  Also, same in Syria.  Dreadful defeats by Muslims in the first two nations were not enough and so the sadistic degenerates now desire additional pleasurable masochism at the hands of a third Muslim nation. **sigh**

Peter Van Buren writing at AntiWar
Petraeus: ‘It’s Time To Unleash America’s Airpower in Afghanistan’
In an Op-Ed printed in the Washington Post, former General David Petraeus says it is time to “unleash our airpower in support of our Afghan partners in the same way that we support our Iraqi and Syrian partners against extremists.”

Petraeus went on to claim:
At present, U.S. and NATO airpower in Afghanistan is used only to attack validated al-Qaeda targets, to counter specific individuals or groups who have attacked coalition forces previously and to respond directly to attacks on coalition forces. According to leaders on the ground, US and NATO forces are otherwise not allowed to attack Taliban targets. The situation appears to be in flux in regard to Islamic State elements, but through 2015, they too could be targeted only under narrow circumstances.

And, then there's this report from a pro-Russian YouTube user:

Additionally, the below from Dr Ron Paul:
The US Senate under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is poised to rush to the floor a bill that would give the president total war authority anywhere on the globe, perhaps even including on US soil. All in the name of fighting ISIS, Congress is about to crown the president with unlimited war powers. In today's Liberty Report we discuss the dangers of the incredible shrinking Legislative branch of government:

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