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Sexual assaults on almost a 1000 EU women within a 24 hour period ...

on the night of New Year 2016.  
Happy New Year dear European Union.  This is just a sampling of the many goodies in store for you.  Unfortunately, because of the EU leaders being puppets of the powers-that-be, the all too powerful 1% elite, the innocent as well as the willing stupid who prefer to remain unaware of the wars in the Middle East, will have to suffer for decades to come if not forever more from now.

Something like this might probably wake up the young generation of Europeans and rouse them into positive action, that of getting their leaders to step out of the Muslim countries.  BUT, I am not holding my breath.

Below are a few reports from that night's  incidents, other incidents and related aftermath.  Also, let's try and remember that there are plenty of good apples amongst the refugees as the very first link below testifies.  Let's not generalize although it is very easy and very tempting to do so. 

From IndependentUK
Cologne attacks: American woman tells how Syrian refugees rescued her from New Year's Eve sexual assault
An American woman has told how she was rescued from being sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Cologne by a group of Syrian refugees.

Caitlin Duncan, a neuroscience student from Seattle, told the New York Times she had become separated from her boyfriend in the crowded square outside the city’s famous cathedral and main railway station.

She described a man stealing her hat before another “grabbed” her from behind, searching through her pockets and a third man tried to kiss her face and neck.....

From TheLocal
Cologne New Year violence  cases up to 379
Cologne police said Saturday the number of cases filed over violence during New Year's festivities had reached 379, and that asylum seekers and illegal migrants made up the majority of suspects.

From WashingtonPost
No asylum seekers   allowed in German city’s public pool after sexual assault reports
The western German city of Bornheim has banned male asylum seekers older than 18 from using the city's swimming pool. Officials said the decision was made after consecutive cases of sexual assaults at the city-run swimming pool....

From TheLocal
Rhineland town axes Carnival   over sexual assault fears
A town north of Cologne has cancelled one of its Carnival parades, citing fears of a repeat of the sexual assaults which took place in the Cathedral city over the New Year.....

From TheLocal
Cologne sex attackers  risk deportation - Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday said she backed legal changes to make it easier to deport migrants who commit crimes, after authorities said many accused of shocking New Year mob violence were asylum seekers....

From NYTimes
18 Asylum Seekers Are Tied to Attacks    on Women in Germany
The German authorities on Friday tied asylum seekers for the first time to the wave of violent assaults on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve as debate intensified over whether the country had made a mistake in opening its doors last year to more than a million migrants.

The Interior Ministry said 18 of the 31 people identified so far as suspects in the violence in Cologne had applied for asylum in Germany. The disclosure further stoked fears about security and culture clashes between the newcomers, mostly from Muslim countries, and Germans who are confronting the costs of assimilating them....

Here's What Happened  at the Dueling Protests Over the Mass Sexual Assault in Germany
It's been just over a week since hundreds of women were robbed, threatened, or sexually assaulted in front of Cologne's towering cathedral, by what has been described as up to 1,000 "drunk and aggressive" men of "North African or Middle Eastern" appearance.

There have been several notable consequences in the days since, including a backlash against refugees and migrants — more than 1 million of whom were welcomed to Germany last year. On Friday, Cologne's police chief was forced to resign. Germany also announced that 22 of the 32 assault suspects were asylum seekers. On Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced German law would be toughened to ease the deportation of law-breaking migrants.

Two separate protests took place on Saturday afternoon. The largest was held by Pegida, a year-old German anti-Islam group, which said it was protesting the attacks on New Year's Eve and calling for tighter controls on immigration. Police estimated that 1,700 people were in attendance. A counter-protest with around 1,300 people was held around 100 meters away, including a number of groups that said they were protesting against both the New Year's Eve attacks and Pegida's anti-immigration rhetoric.....

From NYTimes
As Germany Welcomes Migrants,  Sexual Attacks in Cologne Point to a New Reality
In early December, the Cologne police made their New Year’s Eve preparations. Drawing on the previous year’s experience, they identified their biggest worry as pickpocketing and fireworks among the crowds. So they increased their holiday deployment, to 142 from 88, concentrating on the banks of the Rhine River, where revelers traditionally gather for a giant fireworks display.

As 2016 neared on Dec. 31, however, some 1,500 men, including some newly arrived asylum seekers and many other immigrants, had instead assembled around Cologne’s train station. Drunk and dismissive of the police, they took advantage of an overwhelmed force to sexually assault and rob hundreds of people, according to police reports, shocking Germany and stoking anxieties over absorbing refugees across Europe....

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