Monday, January 25, 2016

Sailors, Spies and Lies

On that strange unbelievable incident involving two US navy boats ... if you like conspiracy theories (I do) there's a rumor floating around that the boats were put out of action by the Iranians' jamming of their navigational systems.  I like that theory.  I like that the underdog (Iran) has the means and the guts to confront a bully (USA).

Furthermore, as you will see from the below, the official explanation given to the world is simply not believable.  Whatever the reason was, it was definitely not the one given to us.

Justin Raimondo at AntiWar:
Caught With Our Pants Down   in the Gulf

The official story of those captured US sailors makes no sense

Your bullshit-ometer should be making an awful racket in response to the shifting explanations given for the twenty-four-hour Iranian hostage scare involving two US Navy boats intercepted in the Gulf.

First they told us “at least one of the boats” had experienced a “mechanical failure.” Then they said the boats had run out of fuel, although it wasn’t clear if they meant both boats. Then they said “there was no mechanical problem.” Then they claimed that the two crews had somehow not communicated with the military command, although “they could not explain how the military had lost contact with not one but both of the boats.” As the New York Times reported:

“Even as Mr. Kerry was describing the release on Wednesday morning, American military officials were offering new explanations about how the two 49-foot patrol boats, formally called riverine command boats, had ended up in Iranian territorial waters while cruising from Kuwait to Bahrain.”

And they still haven’t explained it – or any of the other distinctly odd circumstances surrounding this incident.

The best they could do was have an anonymous Navy officer aver “When you’re navigating in those waters, the space around it gets pretty tight.” However, as the Times put it:
“But that is hardly a new problem, and the boats’ crews would almost surely have mapped out their course in advance, paying close attention to the Iranian boundary waters. And each boat has ........

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