Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The plight of human beings in the Middle East is because of Western powers ....

and  it's not because of 9/11 no matter how much the Republicans or anybody else tries to sell you that.   Iraq had no connection to 9/11.  The war on Iraq and the brutal invasion of that country has led to all this suffering.  The Western powers-that-be and their allies in the Mid-East have created this... with deliberation and utmost malice.  If there is a God, there has to be proper  justice meted out to the wrongdoers, right?  Don't hold your breath.
More pics at link below.

From AFP blog:
We have been on the Turkey-Syria border  for nearly a week now, within sight of the Syrian town of Tal Abyad where Kurdish forces are battling Islamic State jihadists for control. Thousands have fled the fighting, hoping to join the 1.8 milllion Syrian refugees already in Turkey, 13,500 of them from Tal Abyad, but in recent days Ankara had been holding the border shut fearing a new mass influx of people.

Things started to take a dramatic turn on Saturday, June 13. We were driving near the border searching for refugees, when we heard that a lot of people had appeared near the crossing in Akcakale. We headed there to see a huge crowd massing in a field in the scorching heat – with Turkish forces using water jets and firing shots in the air to keep them from the fence.

That evening we saw a group of IS fighters – seven or eight of them – turn up, telling the Syrians to head back to Tal Abyad. But once the fighters had left, thousands of people came flocking right back. I don’t know why the fighters came. A kind of a message or show perhaps? They could see us taking pictures – and they made jokes and big gestures.

The next day we were expecting people to come through the Akcakale border gate. But then we heard ISIS was not letting people across. It seemed we had been waiting for nothing. Then suddenly I saw a couple of people appear on a nearby hill.

I thought they were just local villagers, but the people didn’t stop coming. Thousands suddenly appeared from behind the hill and swarmed down towards the border fence...............

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