Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Confederate Flag insanity OR are Americans no better than the barbarians destroying the historical past of the once Christian, Buddhist and Communist countries?

History is History .... and only the extremely stupid or totally uneducated will want to erase even a sentence from what's written about the past, no matter whether the deeds of the past were good or evil.

IMO, even Nazi symbols should not be banned. They should rightly incite our criticism and revulsion but not our calls to ban them.  The "bad" deeds of the past which were not considered to be "bad" at those times, should serve as history lessons for the deeds of today and make us wonder if future societies of planet Earth might look on our present day "normalcy" as wholly unacceptable to them. For example, the  LGBTs are considered a normal factor of life in most societies of our present day world.  How would you like it if  you looked into the future and saw their rainbow flags and they themselves being ostracized?   Think people, THINK for goodness sake!!!!

Foolish Americans think that getting rid of the Confederate flag will diminish racism.  Nitwit Larry King has lived for far too long!  There are too many stupid Americans who think exactly like him.

Ukrainians go all crazy nuts trying to erase their communist past

ISIS are trying to erase all traces of Christianity in Syria and Iraq

The Taliban were all about destroying the Buddhist heritage of Afghanistan

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