Sunday, June 14, 2015

Canada shows you can't get away kidnapping Canadians OR The Amanda Lindhout story continues

Amanda Lindhout is a good woman and on hearing that the leader of the gang that kidnapped and tortured her, was in Canadian custody and awaiting our "special" brand of soft justice, she thanked the RCMP over and over again.   Someone like moi would have screamed at the RCMP for taking this long and would have demanded that I get a big raw bloodied piece of the Somali so I could feed it to my dog.

One of my previous posts on Lindhout 
dated August 2013  is here and I am glad to see I haven't changed my views much besides no longer ranting at "lefties" whose opinions, at least a good chunk of them,  I now take pretty seriously.

From CTVNews:
Amanda Lindhout thanks Mounties for arrest of alleged kidnapper

Amanda Lindhout crumpled to the floor, crying, as RCMP investigators broke the news to her on Thursday about the arrest of her alleged Somalian kidnapper.

One officer who had stuck with the case over the past five years asked her "Are you sitting down?," Lindhout recalled Sunday on social media.

"There were several RCMP officials on the line as he delivered the news. I was stunned that they'd made the arrest. I was even more stunned that the accused kidnapper was in my home country."

 "I had forgotten to sit down, and my knees gave out. I lay on the floor crying, saying the words, "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much," again and again," said Lindhout in a statement that was posted on her Facebook page and was also released by her publicist.

The RCMP announced Friday that they had arrested Ali Omar Ader in Ottawa.

Authorities are saying little about how the Somalian national made his way to Canada, where he now faces a criminal charge of hostage-taking.

But seeing Ader in news coverage of the arrest sparked a range of emotions for Lindhout.

"I find it difficult to describe what it felt like to see his face again," she said...........

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