Monday, June 8, 2015

Getting visas to the USA is as easy as pie

All one has to do is put up a nice little act showing one's hatred and dislike for USA's perceived enemies.  Keep in mind that the enemies' list keep changing every couple of months, so you need to be on your toes and read the front pages of The New York Times, Washington Post and other mouth-pieces of the USA administration and of course keep CNN on the telly at all times.  Also, always keep at hand several nicely printed slogans, all should show how much you love what the great America is doing to rid you of the tyrant/monster keeping you in slavery and utter misery.

Here's the present list of the people you need to pretend to hate, and hate with a passion, if you want ingress to the USA.  Good luck to you all .... I really mean it.

Syria = Assad
Iraq = Iran and everybody's who is not a Sunni in the Iraqi govt
Iran = everything to do with everybody and anything there
Afghanistan = the Taliban, Syria, Iran
Libya = Gadhafi (yes, still valid)
The Ukraine = Putin
Russia = Putin
North Korea = the US-educated whatever his name is
Yemen = Houthis, Iran

From SanFranciscoGate:
Hundreds of young Syrians find academic home at US colleges.

Brothers Molham and Mohammad Kayali spray-painted anti-government graffiti around Aleppo University in northern Syria in early 2012 and held up flags in protest against President Bashar al Assad's government. Worried that their lives were in danger, they gave up on school and fled to Turkey in September 2012.

They were reunited last year with their younger brother, Ebrahim, at Emporia State University, a small school in Kansas, joining among about 700 "academic refugees" now in the U.S. who either fled from the long-running violent conflict, attended universities that have closed or couldn't safely travel to schools in dangerous areas.

The Syrian conflict has displaced tens of thousands of students, and some schools in Syria were attacked, including in 2013 when at least 10 students were killed at an outdoor cafe at Damascus University.

It's a situation that has created an educational vacuum that universities around the world, including in the U.S., are seeking to fill in the hopes that the young Syrians will someday help rebuild their country...........

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