Friday, February 13, 2015

Several UK MPs standing down from Parliament

In a just and fair world, many of the UK warmongers who allowed the USA's rabid wardogs to waltz them into the illegal war on Iraq would have had to face justice at The Hague.  Handing in their resignations is an easy way out for these criminals.

If Stephen Harper had been the Prime Minister at that time, instead of  Jean Chr├ętien,  he and his gang would have now been in the same shoes as these UK MPs.... because just as we know for a fact that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West,  Harper would have committed Canada in the Iraqi fiasco which has given the world what we see today in that region. 

As for the turmoil going on right now, I have a strong feeling that the events unfolding in the Ukraine plus the fact that Harper arrogantly stood behind despicable warlord Netanyahu in the butchering of Palestinians in Gaza, is going to spell  a harrowing defeat for Canada's Conservative party come the next election. 

Furthermore, regardless of the excuses given for his resignation, John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs,  is lying through his teeth, through every one of them. At first I thought that maybe he had found his ideal mate and was getting married to a husband but then I thought ... nah ... it's because he has an inkling of  the consequences down the road  .... consequences for the butchery of Gazan children and the coup in the Ukraine, both in which he played a major role alongwith his beady eyed boss.

Today's world believes in diplomacy and not butchery. Politicians are supposed to be diplomats not warmongers and supporters of butchers.

From TelegraphUK:
Why I’m standing down  from Parliament: Jack Straw, MP for Blackburn
I still get shouted at on the tube and called a war criminal - but I have to take the responsibility of Iraq

The Telegraph is speaking to MPs who are standing down at the general election in May. Jack Straw, 68, was Labour MP for Blackburn 1979 – 2015.

ow did you end up in Parliament?

“Coming from a strong Labour family, [I got] the politics bug when I was 13 at the 1955 election, reading one of the leaflets I was having to deliver in the rain and thinking I’d rather be doing what the chap on the leaflet was doing, which was to become the Labour MP for what is now Epping Forest.

“It’s a bit like youngsters wanting to play soccer for England. Given my background, a council maisonette in Essex … the prospect I could go on from there to [Parliament] was really rather distant. But I really wanted to be a Member of Parliament. I had this romantic idea.” .....

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