Thursday, February 5, 2015

American Revolution 2015 ... picking up speed and building new roads

Everything that many of us thought would happen perhaps 50-60 years from now is happening right now. 

The wahhabi rabble is on the march to plague the world with another bloody caliphate .... this time a much more bloodier one ... and this time round they are poised to take over parts of Europe, especially France and Spain, maybe Sweden and  Belgium too .... and all via Turkey.  It's going to be not too difficult a task given that large regions of Europe are crammed full of religious Muslims who are mainly  from the countries that the colonizers had conquered, raped, pillaged and robbed and by now many of us know that the Sunni segment of the Muslim immigrants in our own Western countries sympathize with the wahhabi shits ... the same shits that the USA, Israel and most countries in the EU have been training, arming, funding, wallowing in bed with.  These sympathizers are the army-in-waiting all nicely bundled and imported into countries that the wahhabis hate to pieces.

Karma is a bitch ... wait for it, it's not long in coming!  

In the meanwhile let's continue to believe the lies spouted by warlord Nethanyahu, the numero uno hater of Shiite Iran although Iran is the only country able to decimate the wahhabi shits.  The utter harm that  Nethanyahu has done to Israel in the years he's been the warlord there is simply unbelievable.... and yet the Israeli hawks can't see the damage done.  The smarts, presumably in the Jewish DNA, have gone on a sabbatical and no idea whatsoever when they are expected to return.  The butcher of Gazan children had the audacity to invite French Jews to migrate to Israel.  What a fucking moron!  The best advice to give to thinking Israelis would be to get out of Israel and into either the USA or Canada, while this idiot and his party are in power.

The jihadi scum is raging over there in the Middle East, the same scum that has been helped to continue doing what they do best, headchopping ... and as long as they lop off the heads of Assad's soldiers, all is well and good with USA and her joined at the hip partner Israel and the many other EU nations wallowing in the same pigsty.  Moreover, chutzpah of chutzpahs ....these nations are now pretending to fight the very forces they themselves have created and empowered.

While all this is going on, America is at the beginning stages of either a civil war or a largely peaceful  sedition of several States with the intention of forming a Black America.  I was reading up  on the 1776 Revolution to freshen my memory. The entire process in the making of America didn't start nor end that year.  The Declaration of Independence was signed and issued by the Continentals  in 1776 but the rumblings of discontent had started well before that year and the fighting between the Brits, French and the Continentals (the Americans in the making) continued for years after 1776.  

Given how fast everything seems to be moving these days,  can we surmise that the state of discontent in the United States of America is gonna come to a head by 2020?  I for one, very much think so.

From ABCnews:
Attorney General Eric Holder   announced tonight that the Justice Department will launch a civil rights investigation into the death of Eric Garner, the unarmed black man who died after being placed in a choke hold by a white New York City police officer during an arrest last summer.

The announcement came just hours after a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict officers involved in Garner’s arrest. Garner died July 17 after being placed in a chokehold by Officer David Pantaleo. The incident was caught on tape, and shows that Garner was unarmed and posing no apparent threat to the half-dozen officers who surrounded him. ....

RealNews network has organized Town Hall meetings which are pretty informatiive.

Part 3 below

Part 1 is here
Part 2 here

I believe the network is continuing with these town hall meetings on a weekly basis. 

From The Dartmouth College Newspaper:
New #BlackLivesMatter class to cover race, violence
 The geography department and African and African-American studies program are introducing a new course for the upcoming spring term called “10 Weeks, 10 Professors: #BlackLivesMatter,” dedicated to considering race, structural inequality and violence in both a historical and modern context.

About 15 Dartmouth professors will teach separate sections of the class from different academic disciplines over the course of the term. Professors teaching this course come from over 10 academic departments and programs, including anthropology, history, women’s and gender studies, mathematics and English, among others.

Geography professor Abigail Neely said that the idea to create this course stemmed from a Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning workshop, which urged faculty to incorporate the 2014 events in Ferguson, Missouri, culminating in the non-indictment of Darren Wilson for the unarmed shooting of Michael Brown, into their various courses.

“We just thought that it might be interesting and innovative and exciting to have a course that’s dedicated to this, whereas lots of other people are incorporating it into other courses,” Neely said.

English professor Aimee Bahng said when she was writing the syllabi for her winter term courses, she felt it was imperative that she incorporate the events into her curriculum.

Bahng said that by teaching the new course, the faculty hope to create a culture of learning that goes beyond the classroom and cultivate a discussion amongst scholars about questions of race in America.

The course will approach this and other social issues from a number of different disciplines, which will give students who take the course the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary discussions firsthand, Bahng said.

Neely said that the course will break down barriers between different disciplines, a goal an institution like Dartmouth is designed to achieve.

She said that the faculty hope to not only place Ferguson in a temporal context, but also to highlight that it was not an isolated incident in the United States or around the world.

Bahng said they want to use Ferguson as a teaching opportunity.

“We hope students will be able to understand that Ferguson is not just an event in 2014, but something that’s tethered in time to a long history and still-emerging ideas about race in the U.S. and how policing works in an age of social media and distributed surveillance,” Bahng said...........

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