Thursday, February 20, 2014

Demographics and Israel

In the race to Caliphate the world, no other ethnic group stands a chance when pitted against the you-know-who... when we come to the issue of demographics.  

I am a firm believer in what can happen when we consider demographics as the biggest factor changing the face of a country and its people .... as outlined beautifully in Mark Steyn's book "America Alone."

Palestinians, or the people who call themselves Palestinians, insisting on living off the world's charity, are actually people who belong largely to Jordan. The right kind of negotiations for "peace"  should include part of Jordan to be either annexed or given  freely  to the Palestinians.  Furthermore, border areas of Saudi Arabia can also be sliced off and given to the Palestinians.

The powers-that-be in the USA should make that happen instead of manipulating to import quarter million Palestinians into the heart of Israel.  Call me what you will, but as far as I am concerned, not an inch of the property captured in 1967 should be given back.  That would be like America giving back California or Arizona and even part of Texas, to the original conquerors of those lands ... the Spaniards.  America won't do it...but they want Israelis to give up the land they captured in a war which was not of their own making?   MADNESS!!

Why can't people see what the Muslim world is trying to achieve at whatever cost?  Changing Israel to islam and changing Italy to islam is the ultimate conquest for the Caliphate. Those would be the starting points from which they would extend throughout the world. The Catholic honcho can't see it, wrapped up as he is in the delusional cloak of "goodness"  but I hope some of the brains in Israel and those for Israel can see what's going on. Israel must withstand the pressure from the USA and the world at large....even if it means another war. Better a war now then when the Caliphate gets stronger. 

Dan Perry and Karin Laub of AP writing at ADN:
... Palestinian construction worker Nael Yassin and his wife, Wafa, are the proud parents of a new baby girl — the fifth child for the couple in their early 30s.

Such fecundity is usually a private affair, but in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a broader issue is in play. A race for "demographic" prominence — and the fact that Israel may be losing it — has become critical to the current peace effort led by John Kerry.

The U.S. secretary of state himself has started warning Israel that it stands to become a binational state unless it ends the occupation of the lands it captured in the 1967 war. Kerry, who is expected to present a framework for a deal soon, said last month that failure "will make it impossible to preserve (Israel's) future as a democratic Jewish state."

The idea — emphasized as never before — is being listened to in Israel.

In a speech Monday, Finance Minister Yair Lapid presented the issue as the main reason Kerry must succeed: "Every moment we don't separate from the Palestinians is a clear threat to the existence of Israel as a Jewish state."

The "demographic issue" is focusing Israeli minds in a way that moral arguments against occupation have not, particularly when they are weighed against forgoing the West Bank's strategic hinterland and Jerusalem with its unrivaled religious and historic sites.

Some experts are predicting Arabs will outnumber Jews in Israel plus the areas it captured in 1967 — the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem.

Continued occupation, they say, would force Israel into a hard choice: Formalize Jewish minority rule over disenfranchised Palestinians — or give them the right to vote and end the Zionist dream of a Jewish homeland in historic Palestine.

In this context, those arguing for a pullout on these terms are essentially trying to save Israel as a "Jewish state" — where the degree of Jewishness is a function of the size of the majority........

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