Thursday, September 23, 2010

There is no end to the putridness of George Soros

Why is this walking corpse and his lawyers going after Canadian bloggers?   In just under a week, his putridness has gone after 3 bloggers that I know about.  Will he come after yours truly if I say the following "bait":
1) George Soros looks ugly as ugly can be;
2) I have started putting aside some notes in a jar so I can spend the whole thing on a bottle of champagne to celebrate wildly when he is no more,  hopefully sooner than later;
3) What the f**k is the f**k afraid of that he has to go after Canadian bloggers ?
4) All the money in the world cannot make his ugly mug look any better nor his personality;
5) Hey Soros, spend some of that hedge fund moolah you keep making on some plastic surgeons to             make you look less repulsive;   Man ... you are one ugly specimen;
6) I vomit every time I see Soros face anywhere on the internet;
7) I vomit every time I have to read anything about his putridness.
SO THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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