Monday, September 26, 2016

The vomit-inducing farce at the UN Security Council meeting accusing Russia and Syria of every evil under the sun

I watched the entire sordid video below.  The blatant lies coming from US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, are completely vomit-inducing.  Also, yukky to watch are the reps to the UN from UK, France, Spain. The one I found the most horribly pathetic was the rep from the Ukraine.  Ugh and double ugh!!  It also looks like the governments of Malaysia and Senegal have been bribed to the teeth by both the KSA and USA.  And, Uruguay's rep, the country lamenting it's not considered European because doncha know they have a big % of  blondes in their measly 4 Mil population, was also licking USA's behind.
All in all, most were licking USA's rump and begging for seconds.  Absolutely, no will power. Puppetry at its best.

And, pray tell, why this UN farce of an emergency meeting?  For what?  Is it because Syria bombed out the US/UK/Israel/France/Norway/Australia/KSA/Qatar/Turkey manned Ops Centre(s) in the Aleppo caves where all those videos of headchopping the world was forced to watch were produced, filmed and distributed from?  Is it because those Ops Centres were in control of every headchopper going after Assad and the pro-Assad groups and now EVIL INCARNATE is at a disadvantage without those few dozen puppet-masters? But why worry, plenty more are to be found in Washington, London, Tel Aviv, Paris, et al.  AND, countless more amongst the dual citizenship holders.

Hey, this thought just came to me ... whatever happened to Jihadi John?  Did he get the millions of dollars he was likely promised or is he too laying somewhere in a shallow grave.  Was Jihadi John an Israeli Jew or a dual citizenship holder from elsewhere?   I wouldn't be surprised.  Jews make good actors just like they make excellent fiction writers.  Look at the stuff coming out of Hollywood with left-handed Jewish actors at the top of the heap.  Wasn't Jihadi John left-handed?

Airhead Samantha Power, the woman whose speeding motorcade killed a 7 yr old child in Cameroon and for that life taken away so young, the almighty government she works for, thought it fit to compensate the family with  $1700 and 2 cows and a sack or two of flour and rice,   was reading a long litany about the evil Russia and the eviler Assad and how Assad is killing his own people, blah, blah, blah. She even regurgitated (for the 100th time?) the rotten smelly false tale of the "dusty Syrian boy" who was rescued by brave White Helmet heroes.  Sheesh!  Doesn't anybody tell these utter idiots that that propaganda have been proven to be propaganda by the Alternative Media and repeating the same mantra re-enforces the concept in more and more citizens that "yes" the government is lying and keeps on lying and lying and lying?

She said three out of four centres of the "White Helmets" were destroyed.  Were they really?  Were the centres destroyed belonged to the White Helmets or are they a front for those coordinating the jihadis in their war against the legitimate government of Syrian? I suspect the reason US/UK/France are in such an uproar is because those centres were manned mainly by agents of these three countries' dual citizenship holders.  As for the White Helmets, read the excellent investigative reporting below and become a little better informed.The real Syria Civil Defence Expose NATOS White Helmets as terrorist linked imposters

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