Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Spanish senorita Tania Head aka Alicia Esteve Head

The spin on this story about the Spanish woman Tania Head aka Alicia Esteve Head is all about making it look like the woman was the only one to blame for not only conning people around her, vulnerable folks who had lost loved ones, but also conning major government officers.  The blame for accepting her story as gospel truth lies with not only the journalists who never bothered to ask her "fiance's" last name nor did they check on why she told some folks she had lost her "husband" and some others that it was a "fiance" who died on 9/11.  Moreover, isn't it amazing that nobody from any of the offices of any of the three biggies of New York State - Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Governor George Pataki and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, cared to check into her background but took her at face value.  This is how gullible government officers are and with the right kind of incentives (bribes) or the right kind of Oscar-winning acting by conmen/women, these idiots can be completely taken in. 

It is all the more appalling that such people can be so easily fooled.  Imagine how much damage can be done by those
who are intentionally getting close to such decision makers in the government and spinning some tall tales that the law-makers swallow hook, line and sinker.  

Think about it folks, take this con by this lone woman of some of New York State's top officers and then ask yourself:  If these politicians who are deemed to be capable and savvy enough to be placed in such high offices, if they could be so easily fooled, what other areas of deception are they under now at present or have been in the past, areas which are not yet divulged as "deception" areas? Rudy Giuliani for sure was not only a fool where the Spanish woman is concerned, he was tricked into removing all
evidence of 9/11 post haste.  What a deplorable state of affairs the Empire is going through!  Death will be a relief for it and  to the rest of the world.

Matt Young at AustraliaNews
Tania Head: The ultimate betrayal of 9/11

ON THE morning of September 11 2001, Tania Head was in the south tower of the World Trade Centre, on the 78th floor, where the second plane hit.

She saw the plane so close, she could feel the air being sucked out of her lungs.

When the plane plunged into the 78th floor, by some miracle she survived the impact, but her body was burning from the explosion of flames, her right arm severed, hanging by a thread. She was thrown across the room and passed out.

Waking up, she crawled through the carnage. Her life on the line, she was handed a wedding ring by a man who would never make it down. He asked her to take it and give it to his wife.

Eventually, she spotted a man in a red bandanna, Welles Crowther, who would later become a hero of the 9/11 attacks, giving up his life to lead 12 others to safety. He stretched out his hand and helped her to safety, only to disappear back into the plume of smoke.

She made it down the 78 flights of stairs just in time. When the Towers collapsed around her, she was thrown under a rig.

Six days later, she woke up in a hospital burns unit, a Jane Doe, only to later discover her husband, Dave, had been killed in the north tower.

It was a tale of devastation, of loss, but of ultimate survival.....

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