Sunday, September 18, 2016

North Dakota crackdowns on the original people of America and then issues arrest warrant for journalist reporting on it

After the above was aired, the North Dakota powers-that-be issued an Arrest Warrant for Amy Goodman for committing the act of True Journalism, she being one of the very few journalist-reporters worth her salt.
Orwellian Times !!

From Guardian
North Dakota arrest warrant for Amy Goodman raises fears for press freedom

The Democracy Now! host has been accused of entering private property during her reporting on the Native American protests of an oil pipeline
North Dakota police have issued an arrest warrant for the Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, who has been reporting on the Native American protests against an oil pipeline, accusing her of entering “private property” to conduct interviews.

The charges have raised concerns about possible free speech violations and press intimidation, since the Morton county sheriff’s office accused the award-winning broadcast journalist after Democracy Now! filmed security guards working for the Dakota access pipeline using dogs and pepper spray on protesters.

“This is an unacceptable violation of freedom of the press,” Goodman said in a statement after police accused her of criminal trespass, a misdemeanor offense....

G4S (mentioned in article below) is the same outfit of sadistic mind-controlled bastards, one of whom was the zombie that killed all those gays in the Orlando club shooting.

Sarah Lazare at Alternet
Reckless Security Firm Hired to Protect Dakota Pipeline Company Has Dark Past in Palestine
When the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe mobilized thousands to protect their land and water in Cannon Ball, North Dakota from a proposed $3.8 billion crude-oil pipeline, they were met with national guard deployments, police crackdowns, an FBI investigation and private security forces that attacked them with dogs. A key firm hired during this time to provide security for the pipeline company, Dakota Access LLC, is the British multinational G4S—one of the largest private security corporations in the world targeted by a years-long global boycott campaign for profiting from the inhumane treatment of Palestinians in Israeli prisons, including the torture of children.

G4S announced in March that it plans to halt all of its business with Israel in the next 12 to 24 months, in what was hailed as a significant human rights victory, with international campaigners vowing to hold the company to its word. However, the corporation’s role in protecting the Dakota access pipeline indicates that G4S is profiting from a different colonial context, this time in North Dakota's Indian country....

In an interview with AlterNet, G4S communications director Monica Lewman-Garcia confirmed that the company provided private security for the Dakota Access Pipeline for a two-week period, starting August 24. Lewman-Garcia claimed that the company “had no employees present during the incident on September 3” when protesters were attacked with dogs. However, she repeatedly declined to identify where the G4S employees were located during the contract, merely stating that they were dispatched to “remote locations” and "did not come into contact with protesters."....

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