Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jihadi groups are planning their next step in a very logical manner

For those who mistakenly presume that the terrorist groups are all about their cavemen religion and headchopping galore, they have a nasty shock coming.  Terrorists will use religion to gain power in politics and then impose shariah on the sheeple. There's nothing like shariah to put one in chains in the best way possible .... without you even knowing about the imprisonment until it's too late to do anything to reverse it. 

The intention right now is for the Al Qaeda=ISIS=Muslim Brotherhood to bring the "secular" Muslim nations under their umbrella, which is all very well as far as most of us are concerned ... but what happens when the "shariah-ed"  nations begin broadening their borders and the immigration to the "Christian" nations continue to continue?  Unfortunately, for the Christians living in Syria and Iraq, the so called "Christians" of the West have betrayed them by arming, funding and training the killers to decimate them and all signs of Christianity from that region. 

Look no further then how it transpired in Egypt.  The sheeple readily welcomed the new dictator's clamp down on the Muslim Brotherhood not realizing that the other heads of the same beast were left unharmed on the borders of Egypt and in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, because there, those serpentine offshoots served as a thorn in the side of their Shiite enemies. Is there any concrete way to defeat jihadis if at the same time you want to use them to defeat your other perceived enemies?  

Ali Hashem writring at AlMonitor:
Al-Qaeda theorist calls   for infiltrating political systems.

As radical Islamic groups continue to pursue the imposition of their ideologies and grab for power around the Middle East and North Africa, a prominent al-Qaeda ideologue has called on groups working within the framework of the infamous radical group to adopt a new strategy to infiltrate legitimate regimes in the region and build their influence and power from within. The logic is that this approach will allow them to better establish a lasting presence and implement their vision. Abdullah bin Mohammed has written several articles on al-Qaeda's strategies and conducted research on jihad in the region. Among his works is “Strategic Diaries,” available online, and “The Strategy of the Regional War in Syria.” His Twitter account, “Strategic Affairs,” has attracted some 242,000 followers.

Abdullah bin Mohammed, an al-Qaeda member, is the ideologue representing a new path for the movement, not just a different current. Marwan Chehadeh, an expert on islamists groups, told Al-Monitor, “Bin Mohammed is an expert on security and military affairs. I believe he’s from the Arabian Peninsula and introduced some new concepts, including political guerrilla wars. Bin Mohammed calls for changing thinking about ruling in Islam. He is against jihadi emirates.”

Bin Mohammed believes the outcome of the jihadi effort of the last three decades justifies a change in strategy. In his article “Political Guerilla Wars,” he wrote, “The jihadist group’s main problem isn’t finding a way to fight the international system, as al-Qaeda provided an answer to this issue. The main problem is how to be able to rule under such a system. This needs political guerilla war.” He clarified his thinking, stating, “The military calculations proved to us that an open confrontation with a strong enemy like the US is military suicide. Therefore we had to go a different way in military confrontation, and in politics an open confrontation like declaring a state is also political suicide, as the West has the power to weaken us, pressure our societies, and at the end uproot us as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore, we have to build a new strategy that can enhance our resilience.”

Bin Mohammed cited the al-Qaeda-affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group as an example, explaining that it was able to build solid alliances with other Islamic and revolutionary groups and was flexible toward the outside world. “They issued a fatwa that allowed them to participate in the democratic regime after they demanded that Sharia be a main source of legislation. Next they will start working on building their Islamic regime,” he explained, also using images to denounce the tendency of some groups toward beheadings, which he said gives the West a pretext to intervene militarily............

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