Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Doldrums

1) PM Harper and a Shiite muslim billionaire making nice-nice. Reminds me of  USA presidents holding hands and going kissy kissy with the Saudi tyrant.  The Shiite muslim is ploughing 300 Million into building a mosque or whatever in Toronto. Nice going Conservative govt. yippee yay yay and yahoo !! Have to re-think my vote come the next time.

2) The Harper govt. thinks nothing of spending over a BILLION DOLLARS on the G8 and G20. Canadians in their millions are unemployed and these leaders who could have just had their blasted meetings via the internet or Bell's inventions are spitting in our faces by this blatant disregard to taxpayers' money. Right !!!   Have fun while you can.   Just like Obama who keeps playing golf down south, the Conservative govt instead of working on the deficit is overspending. Great going Hon. Prime Minister. I for one am very proud of you spending the 1 Billion+ on blah blah blah which ultimately comes to a big fat ZERO, as usual when all these airheads come together. 

Lots more to add to the doldrums today, but I think I will just make a tall strong drink and hate everybody some more.  I am not happy today with PM Harper and the Conservative govt. NOT AT ALL.


  1. Easy there.... while I am not a fan of the 'Islamic faith', and all in all would rather they all went away,
    the Ismailis are quite different.

    Well educated, peaceful, and part of their philosophy is that their religion has to be interpreted in the context of the times (unlike the rigid interpretations of Sunni and Shia and the other lunatics).

    Most mainstream muslims barely regard the Ismaili as real muslims. Many openly regard them as apostates.

    Every Ismaili I know (and there are several) is a thoroughly modern and educated person, and part of a small nuclear family, not a brood of 6-10 brats. The women don't wear headgear, and are not slaves to the men.

    So... educate yourself a bit, and you may not see things quite so negatively.

  2. I know a lot of the Shiite faith because one of my sis-in-law's family is originally from Iran and she has family members belonging to both the Shiite and Zoarastrian faiths. I know that it is the mildest form of islam, but mild has the capacity of becoming dangerous where islam is concerned. Google Egyptian muslim photographs of the 1950s to 1970s and then compare them to the present day, and you will see what I mean. And intelligence has nothing to do with it, Egyptians of today are still the world's best mathematicians and also nutty about killing infidels.
    For Harper to say "...Islam, one of the most compelling religions...." reminds me of the time Bush said "Islam is a religion of peace" and a website was born.
    I am starting up one today, I will call it "Most Compelling Religion" and dedicate it to Harper.


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