Friday, November 18, 2022

My Twitter account @Dodocanspell remains blocked because of this tweet??

I wrote to the Twitter appeal section via their contact page.  Doing so does not entail giving your telephone contact which I am reluctant to do.  On an average I get a minimum of 3 scam calls a day and so I am wary of giving my cell contact willy-nilly here, there, everywhere.  We hear reports of  personal data at banks, insurance companies and health clinics have been hacked, so there's no guarantee that an environment such as the Twitter platform will be able to safeguard your data.  The less they have access to your data, the better.  

A day or two after the appeal, I signed in to my account and the below is what I see.   Soo, do you think that tweet warrants a ban?  I don't agree with a lot that the lady said in that video, but if Elon Musk's new Twitter that he calls Twitter 2.0, really and truly believes in freedom of speech and thought, than, IMO,  that tweet should not be considered an item that warrants Twitter's banning of my account.  

In my appeal I related how the world is learning anew about the vaccine injuries and the topic and circumstances around it have grown to such an extent that Canada has even opened a department supporting the vaccine-injured. 

Twitter has not officially replied to my online appeal.  

According to their response seen when I logged in, if I remove the tweet, which can be done only after I give my telephone contact and they text me a code which will allow me access to my account to do so, will my account be resuscitated.   I won't delete ... so waiting to see what happens.




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