Saturday, February 19, 2022

My Twitter activity Feb 18.. a day that will live in infamy in Canadian history.

Remember how the Canadian Right were so full-blown in love with the police before now and remember the "blue lives matter" when the cops in the USA were getting a bad rap because of their handling of the BLM riots of the Left? I hope the Right has now learnt a lesson, a very bitter lesson, but a lesson nevertheless. Almost ALL cops are PIGS. I have always maintained that they were brutes, so when the Left were at loggerheads with the US cops I sided with the BLM against the pigs, just cause I could see they were pigs. Always be anti-establishment and you can never go wrong. The Establishment is our enemy, whether we are on the Left or the Right, white, black, brown or martian ... our common enemy is The Establishment. After watching a few horrible vid clips of Ottawa Police brutalizing the peaceful protestors, I couldn't watch any more. It's been a hard day for many of us who saw an old handicapped woman being trampled underground by Trudeau's Ottawa Police. Reports seem to indicate the poor old grandma is badly bruised but not dead as reported on Twitter. Thank her stars for small mercies. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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